ANTM: Paulina Proves Me Wrong

Tyra hearts bums. Again.

*Number one lesson learned on America's Next Top Model this week: Paulina Porizkova is a cunt. What a pleasant surprise! I'm sorry for doubting her. But she's still no Janice Dickinson.
"You look like Robin Wright Penn-- only a transvestite," she said to Dominique and then walked right on to the next ho, no apology, no "but you're still pretty," nothing!
She also told Amis she had bad skin and squishface Barbie from Worcester (who left before even hearing any feedback on her homeless photo shoot) she was a bit "High School Musical."

* Speaking of the homeless photo shoot, they had a HOMELESS PHOTO SHOOT. Where they dressed up like Depression-era railroad hobos and posed with for-real homeless girls, who should rightfully have killed an eaten them (even if each girl carries on her frame little more than a cracker's worth of nutrients) for participating in yet another Tyra-wannabe-Oprah stunt. (She posed as a homeless woman on her talk show recently too.)

* Did anyone else notice there were only 18 people watching the Badgley Mishka runway show in Times Square? Times Square! Where there are like 8 million people out and about even at 4 a.m. on a Tuesday. Last year's unattended walk-off in China was one thing, but damn.

*"Tyra Mail" this season is apparently being delivered via ticker tape. The sound of 12 barely literate girls slowly reading scrolling text in unison several times an episode may make or break this show for me.

* Saleisha's Cover Girl commercials are the least convincing things I've seen since the Sheer Cover ads.

Next week we'll see what will always be the season highlight-- the makeovers. We'll also find out what "ignorant shit" Scout Silverman said to Fatima. (I'm assuming it's about either her vag or her African-ness. Scandal!)
[ Short clip of this week's show here.]

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