Little Miss Wet Seal

Ashlee's new jam and clothing collection both drop 4/22.

Starting April 22 you'll be seeing more than just Ashlee Simpson's face at the mall. You'll also find her "designs."
Those heading to Wet Seal to get their polyester skank on next month will find a rack (no pun intended) of tops purportedly created by the 22-year-old pop rocker. The tops will feature designs inspired by her "personality, sense of style and album artwork." [2 versions of album artwork for her soon-to-be-released CD Bittersweet World above]
Prices will be "in line with" regular Wet Seal pricing. My bet is between $20-$30 a pop. No photos of the tops have been released yet.
Her bassist BF Pete Wentz (Fall Out Boy) just nailed down a deal to sell his Clandestine Industries apparel line at Nordstrom starting April 2.
All that's left is for Jessica to start a fried chicken shop in the food court and the whole mall will be Simpson-ized.



Apparently a LOT of us are wearing squished beetles and whale vomit. Right now.

Uproar About Vogue Roar

The LeBron James/Gisele cover of this April's issue of Vogue is causing quite a stir. Some people think it's reminiscent of King Kong and is therefore racist. But 86% of the nameless-faceless who took this MSNBC poll don't think so. What's your take? Personally I wonder if anyone outside a slow news room gives a shit.
He totally looks like a big ape, and she looks like she's a big ape's idiot girlfriend. They could replace them with John Cena and Iman and that statement would be just as true.

Con Me

At first read, I thought this was drag-related.

Converse All Stars turn 100 this year, and the latest ads (which are actually for the John Varvatos-designed clothing line) are rocking a FCUK-esque tag line that some people are dissing, but I kind of dig: "Get Chucked." [Note: The campaign first launched in 2006 but hasn't been very visible lately up until now.]
I got Chucked for the first time in 6th grade-- a pair of basic blue low-tops have called my closet home ever since.
Flat, unfussy and endearingly youthful, there's really no question why they've endured.
(I hope we won't be able to say the same someday for the Vans "prison issue" sneaker.)
Chucks also have a surprisingly long life for a pair of simple canvas kicks. Last year I threw out a daily-worn pair my mom got me 7 years ago on a trip home from college. And those were purchased at a shoe shop near the bus station because she noticed I was still wearing the ones I'd had since 8th grade.
Here's to another century of hot indie kids and quirky old people waving their understated, rubber-soled freak flags.


Walgreens Wear?

Nope, it's not a hoax like the buzz about George Clooney launching a fashion line. Sadly, it's for real.
Skanky drugstore chain Walgreens is launching an apparel brand called Casual Gear that will include suburban errand-running staples such as yoga pants and quilted vests, retailing from $6.99-$14.99.
I've never stepped inside a Walgreens I believed would pass health code standards in a zoo. Not to mention that the service is invariably horrible because they're typically staffed by a menopausal ex-junkie named Sharon and several foreigners who would just as easily stone you to death for wearing pants as ring up your bottle of Suave. Cute commercials though. Apparently that's where the Walgreen Co. budget goes...
I can't wait to get a few pics of the line. Think they'll show at fashion week this fall?! OMG!


Cheap Clothes and Candy = Genius

Kira Plastinina Spring/Summer '08 look

Whatever minds are spinning behind the name of 16-year-old Russian heiress and retail brand Kira Plastinina (site: words are Russian, pretty pictures aren't) are spinning GOLD.
The first pink-tastic KP store -- full of H&M/Forever 21 cheap trendiness and set to open in SoHo NYC next month-- will also be full of candy! In fact, all of the 50 planned US stores will include an in-store candy shop.
Plastinina struck up a deal with the fabulous Dylan's Candy Bar chain to create what will either be a whimsical or very sticky shopping experience.
I can't wait to check out the store-- though I haven't been able to find an actual Grand Opening date yet. (Lemme know if you do.)


Marimekko Does H&M and Avon

Sketches of Marimekko for H&M
(Illustrations: Liselotte Watkins)

Finnish textile design company Marimekko's collaboration with H&M is set to be released next month and will include a handful of bright retro colored print pieces, including halter maxi dresses.
*** Marimekko have also licenced their 60's-mod Unikko print (pictured above) to Avon for the creation of four limited edition color products, including eyeshadow, face powder, lip gloss and mascara, and a few accessories.
Launch of these products is slated for "late 2008."

Women on Bras (and Vice Versa)

Just last night I tried to explain to my male companion what it feels like to have a bra on.
"All day I just want to rip it off and scratch my boobs," I said.
(A horrified expression ensued.)
Today, having decided I was one of the "80%" of women wearing the wrong sized bra, I locked myself in a department store dressing room with about 16 in various shapes and sizes. I think I ended up with the "right" size, but I'll never know until I let one of those weird old ladies that do "bra fittings" feel me up. (If you are so inclined, you can get one at an Intimacy specialty store or any large department store; Macy's, JC Penney, Nordstrom, Dillard's and Bloomingdale's all do them.)
Coincidentally, Consumer Reports released the results of a survey today revealing these findings about women and bras:

- Women own an average of 9 bras, but only wear 6 on a regular basis.
(The other three are decorated with Swarovski crystals and/or loaded with padding intended to smash our tits into some Maxim-esque shape for the brief viewing pleasure of some idiot --who would never treat his junk with such disrespect-- and probably hurt like hell. )
- The average woman purchased 4 bras in the past year.
(Do you know how long that process took me today? Like an hour. Fuck that.)
- 80% of women say they would never go out in public without a bra.
(20% of women either love Jesus a bit too much or have massive jugs.)
- Over one-third (34%) of women take action to enhance their bra size.
(At least 34% of women have sex with men. Also, I love how they use the term "take action." Like its a fucking public initiative.)

- Matching bra and panties is not a priority for 58% of women.
(42% of women should be shot.)


Sale Alert (Today Only)

If you've never shopped the online store Lu Lu's Fashion Lounge, you might wanna today 'cause they're offering 17% off everything in honor of St. Pat's.
Some brands they carry: Steve Madden, Dolce Vita, Sugar, Loungefly, YakPak and a bunch of others. If nothing else, check out their accessories and jewelry. Cuteness abounds.
Promo code: GREEN

Another similar site with a sale is StyleViolet. First time shoppers get 20% off with code FIRSTSPRING08 (this promo lasts longer.)


Subversive Goes Mainstream

Starting next Sunday (that's Easter, fellow heathens) you'll be able to find a small, cheap iteration of Justin Giunta's Subversive line at Target.
Subversive is known for its complex, deconstructed style and was nominated last week by the CFDA for a prestigious accessory design award.
Most of Giunta's items for the Target shopper, all priced $59.99 or less, aren't as edgy and detailed as his high-end looks. They also seem overpriced for being faux-gold (see them all here.) Still, the stud earrings above are cute and you can get both sets for $14.99.


It's Official

Nicky Hilton really has talent. Last year I saw glimmers of it, and now it's full-fledged. The educated Hilton sister put out a cohesive and wearable equestrian-inspired collection for her label Nicholai at L.A. Fashion Week this past Wednesday.
Check it out (it's here, past all the annoying photos of an over-tanned Paris.)


Look Familiar?

(Photo: UK Vogue)

I guess some of the America's Next Top Model rejects do get jobs! That's dumb-ass Barbie Chantal, runner-up from Cycle 9, walking in the Pussycat Dolls lingere fashion show at L.A. Fashion Week today. (Hey, I didn't say they were good jobs.)

Halle Berry Does Not

I was just looking at a press release from Coty announcing the upcoming Halle Berry fragrance, and I just had to single out this "quote":
For years I've created my own personal scent by mixing fragrances at home," she supposedly says.
Can you just picture it? Oscar winning actress Halle Berry sitting at her kitchen counter with a bunch of spices, Febreeze cans and barbecue condiments, stirring up some homemade perfume and storing it in empty pickle jars?
Well, clearly I can.
According to Coty, the fragrance is as yet unnamed. I have one suggestion: Moonshine.


Weart Your Art on Your Sleeve

Fans of 80's artists Jean-Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring (both of whom died young of speedballing and AIDS, respectively) can hit up Uniqlo and grab their work in t-shirt form this spring. The Japanese retailer scored a licensing deal with both artists' estates and will be selling the tees starting at $15.50.
There's a store in NYC, or you can shop the UK store online.
Find out which other hipsters Uniqlo has tapped for their UT (Uniqlo T-shirt) Project HERE.

Rachel Bilson? Really?

DKNY is teaming up with O.C. has-been Rachel Bilson, who will "design" a collection for them this fall, which she's calling Edie Rose.
"The Edie Rose for DKNY Jeans line consists of about 15 pieces for the launch, including a sportswear mix of button-down tops, sweaters, jackets, T-shirts, dresses and two jeans styles — a straight leg and a skinny leg, both available in a dark wash." Reported Women's Wear Daily.
WOW. Sounds groundbreaking.
According to the DKNY Jeans prez , they picked her because their customer "has a real emotional connection with Rachel."
HUH? Yes totally- that girl who was on a teen drama that ended 3 years ago (and a bit part in a Zack Braff masturbation that nobody ever saw), really made an impression on me. I always think to myself, she's so unique. I wish she would design some clothes. And by design I mean tell people with talent to draw some things she likes. Yay!


L.C. Thinks She's a "Designer"

Lauren Conrad, rich kid and star of MTV's craptastically scripted "reality" shows Laguna Beach and The Hills debuted her own line at L.A. Fashion Week last night.

"It's not something that I really want to be part of a reality television show. It's a career I want beyond my 15 minutes," she told the Associated Press. (Her MTV crew wasn't there to shoot it.)

Okay, look at these designs. Straight out of Wet Seal with the tags cut out.
Reality check: LC won't be allowed to have this career after her 15 minutes! And she wouldn't be able to pretend she was having this career right now if they weren't still running.

Question of the Day

African print dress at Oscar de la Renta
(photo: Marcio Madiera,

Can white girls who aren't Ani Difranco pull off African prints?
I've never tried, but as we all know it's a huge trend for the upcoming warm weather.
Opinions welcome.


H&M Swallows Cheap Monday

H&M is growing. They just acquired another Swedish company named Scandinavian AB, which they'll run as a stand-alone.
You've never heard of them, but you probably know their trendy denim brand Cheap Monday, purveyors of some of the best cut skinny jeans on the market. They also own Swedish store chains Weekday and Monki (ADORABLE homepage with fat birds- check it) and brands
MTWTFSS Weekday and Sunday Sun.
Cheap Monday jeans are still mostly under $100 but no, aren't exactly cheap-- hopefully this means we can get them at ghetto prices soon? Regardless- more European influence from a retailer serving America is always a bonus. If you need an explanation as to why, get off my blog.


Sweet Cheeks

Panties by Johnny Cupcakes (click each to enlarge)

I'm always a fan of cute panties, as you may know. Check out these (same prints also available on boxers - all $12.99) from Johnny Cupcakes, a 25-year-old Boston kid who somehow managed to make a successful biz out of cupcake-themed t-shirts.
Some of the shirts are fugly, but I'm always a fan of self-made fashion designers. He's just about to open his first shop in L.A. (on Melrose, no less.)


Get Loose

Cory Kennedy: Urban Decay's new love.

There' s a new way to love Urban Decay's ultra-vivid eye shadows, and a new lady making it look fabulous to do so.
For the first time ever, you can get a dozen of their greatest shades in Loose Pigment form, allowing you to wear it sheer and shimmery all the way up to shocking.
What rocks: Unlike other loose powder shadows like M.A.C. and L'Oreal HIP, Urban Decay eliminated the possibility of full-on spillage (a.k.a. huge mess, money down the toilet) by designing a package that resembles a lip gloss, narrower at the top with a mini-brush inside the lid. Which is genius. See:
What's iffy: Well, the brush doesn't have much flex to it. This makes is great for controlling the coverage and keeping application light, but it's hard to get a really rich application when you want it. Judging by the copy on the packaging, they are aware of it: they point out that pigment can also be tapped out for application with a different brush. Tried, and true.
Verdict: I put it on early in the morning, and close to 12 hours later it was still there just as I had applied it. Beyond that it faded a little, but never disappeared. This stuff is definitely built for all-night party people. (Which makes their new spokes-chick Cory Kennedy an appropriate choice. If you don't know who she is, she's basically a girl who goes to a lot of parties, and dates the Cobrasnake guy. I'm loath to call her a "style-blogger" because her blog is really just personal photos -- of course, personal photos of herself in clothes I can't afford and places I'm not invited-- so maybe it's just jealousy.) Loose Pigments go for $20 (about the same price as MAC.) Get em on their site, or at Sephora.
Looks to Try: Shades like Shattered, Graffiti and Asphyxia are perfect for spring and summer's trend of brights. If you can't deal with the Pucci-inspired grill, shades like Baked and X go perfectly with the universally flattering nude/gold look so many brands are pimping.

Bonus: Urban Decay and Hard Candy do not test on animals, and most of these colors are completely vegan. (look for the paw-print)


F-List Fabulous: Becky's Jael Sighting

As promised, my favorite comedienne/Hollywood madam Becky sent in an account of her America's Next Top Model reject sighting in L.A. - Enjoy!

Hi. I’m Becky. I work with Pixie via the information super-highway and I was offered to guest-post based on an amazing celebrity sighting that I endured earlier in February.

If you can remember America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 8, there was
that chick 50-Cent pushed into the pool, Jael. Well, kids, yours truly bumped into her.

There I was, sipping a complimentary can of malt liquor (it was a Monday night, after all) in a bar in Hollywood called
The Beauty Bar. Its claim to fame is that instead of booths, the chairs are made out of old-fashion hair dryers that everyone’s grandmother used to sit in and gossip about how sexy FDR was or something like that. Needless to say, in my mind, Beauty Bar is known as a place where guys who look like every Poindexter that went to Camp Shalom Alechim go to wear their new Gap fedora and pretend they can dance to Dirty South Hip-Hop.

Needless to say, amidst all the desperation that comes with dive bars in Hollywood, I saw a tall girl with blond short hair, drinking the same type of malt liquor I was downing, while typing away on her sidekick. She was wearing faded jeans and a pink tank top. After I recognized her as Jael, I realized that the tank top she was wearing was the exact same tank top our collective subconscious conjures up whenever we’re asked to think of a
stereotypical urban prostitute.

My friend Ashley elbowed me and said,
“Oh my God, Steve would totally shit himself right now. That’s Jael from America’s Next Top Model.”

Steve is my straight-male roommate who happens to be the
only human being alive who can pronounce Yves St. Laurent correctly.

A part of me wanted to go up to her and ask how it felt to be pushed by 50-Cent into a pool, but I didn’t want to stand too close to her. After all, we were wearing the same exact tank top.

Uniqlo Takes Four

H&M-esque Japanese retailer Uniqlo plans to jump on the young designer "capsule collection" bandwagon this year with lines by Alexander Wang (whose grunge-y fall '08 show rocked me), Juliana Jabour, and menswear designers Tim Hamilton and Loden Dager.
I recently ventured into their massive flagship store in SoHo and was bummed out by the lack of color, print and general excitement on the cashmere-dominated racks. (In its favor, my super-stylish friend Mischka is all about it.) Maybe these four can liven things up?


Tights Galore

According to Vogue UK, crazy tights are going to be the hot accessory for fall '08. Get ahead with these (above):
Star fishnets: Topshop, $16 USD (avail. in red, blue, black.); Zebra tights: Topshop, $16 USD; Bitch tights:, $7; Lace tights:, $22; Diamond fishnets: We Love Colors, $9.50 (every color);

and a few ($21 each) from Joy of Socks, which has an AMAZING selection of unique tights.

Now That's Balls

That's not Vogue editor Anna Wintour. But she sure fooled a lot of people at the Lanvin fashion show in Paris. (The real Anna was already on her way home to NYC by then.)
Do you think the people who fell for it got fired? And how about the actress-- will she be quietly executed and tossed in the Seine?
If A.W. never knew before that her drag-ability level was high, she does now. Maybe it's time for a new haircut, bitch.


Nice Try

Lord and Taylor conducted a model search in a bid to "modernize" their image (uh, how about start with a new name? The only thing that could possibly make L&T less cool would be a "Ye Olde" thrown on the front of it...) and came up with these 12 finalists. Two winners will be chosen, and none will be given a modeling contract.

Old Stone Does "Blue Steel"

Who better to sell a leather suitcase than... a leather suitcase?

Keith Richards' new Louis Vuitton campaign, shot by Annie Leibovitz, is a great concept but... did he have to make that Mary Kate Olsen face? I wish they went with something more like this (a.k.a. my favorite Keith photo ever):

Icon Style Steal: Jodie Foster

Jodie Foster in Taxi Driver

Spring/Summer '08 is all about florals, wedges, floppy hats, ethnic prints (check out that bag) and the high waist. Add them all up and Jodie's pre-pubescent 70's hooker is a fashion plate. To get the look (though I recommend nixing the bare midriff-- always a 'no' unless you're within 50 yards of a beach) here are some pieces that will get you there:

Floppy hats: Jovovich-Hawk for Target, $14.99; Forever 21, $9.80; Urban Outfitters, $42

Floral top: Forever 21, $19.80; $29.50;, $40; Charlotte Russe, $18.99

High-waisted shorts: ; Victoria's Secret, $44.50; Guess, $69

Woven bag:, $25.99;, $19.99;, $5

Red platforms: Steve Madden, $89.95; Stuart Weitzman, $103; Roxy, $29.99