More Cheapies from "Sex" Designer

Sex and the City stylist and costume designer Patricia Field is releasing her second capsule collection for cheap-o shoe chain Payless - just in time to coordinate with the release of the film.
The collection offers four styles, all made from a shimmery man-made material, plus a coordinating clutch.
Prices range between $19.99 (the flats are on sale) and $35.
All in all, not bad. I'm not a fan of man-made "leather" in shoes (ouch) but in a sandal it tends to be easier to pull off. The clutch (below) comes in silver and gold and may be the best piece of the lot.


THIS is What Happens in Vegas...

To see America at its finest, I would suggest visiting Las Vegas. Fashion-wise, it is a land where women have the right to wear a size XX-small halter-top no matter what their bust size. (God bless side cleavage.)

For those who love glamor and, most importantly, for those who love trashy glamor, I would suggest Bally's Paris Promenade and Le Boulevard. Some of the stores do feature French designers. There are other French accessories, such as an array of business cards offering suitors a night with "La Prostitute".

From wedding dresses to exquisite(ly cheaply made but expensive) flapper dresses, window-shopping on Le Boulevard is way better than spending $50.00 at the Liberace Museum.

I didn't go into Versace for fear my excessive viewing of Showgirls may lead to my embarrassment of pronouncing the store Ver-SAY-ss. However, I did manage to make a fool out of myself in other respects in Sin City. If only Chlamydia stayed in Vegas, as well...


Rent the Real Thing

Their site is going to blow up in a few days when the Sex and the City movie comes out (in which they talk about it), so I figure now is a good time to let you know about
It's like the Netflix of accessories. You can rent designer purses and jewelry by the week or the month for as low as $15.

They carry it all, from vintage Hermes kelly bags to the latest formal clutch from Chanel, plus designer jewelry by David Yurman and Kenneth Jay Lane and many others.

Members get a significantly lower rental rate than "guests" (a year membership is $59.95...$5 a month, or you can do it one month at a time for $9.95) so if you dig it, your best bet is to join and enjoy the benefits of being able to hop on waiting lists and even buy used bags at a discount.

The only hitch is you need to be careful - if you lose the bag, you can be charged full retail price. You also can't spill stuff all over the bag because they don't send out bags that are no longer in mint condition. (I mean, who wants to rent a gross bag?)

For big events like weddings/proms/bar mitzvahs, this concept is genius.

How to De-Brassify Your Summer Blonde

(image via lightscameraction)

Now that beach season is near, a lot of you might be thinking about lightening up your 'do. Whether you go all-out Barbie or just sneak in a few highlights, those rocking a cool sandy or platinum blond are gonna need help keeping it bright.
The following is a little FYI from my own experience, and expert advice from my stylist bestie, Sissy B.

What is "brassy"? The yellow or orangey undertones that start showing through as the toner your stylist applied to your bleached hair fades (most are demi-permanent) or that happens due to buildup from the natural minerals in your tap water.

Do "made for blondes" shampoos and conditioners undo brassiness? Usually no. Unscrew the cap and if the stuff inside isn't a shade of purple, it's not going to do shit. Though some of them can add a little extra shine to your hair, like Redken Blonde Glam conditioner, which has a nice light grapefruity scent to it.

What works? Try Pantene Silver Expressions conditioner ($6) -- it says it's for gray and white hair, but it's effective on brightening blonds as well-- or Aveda Blue Malva conditioner ($ 16) which the longer you leave it on battles brass even harder. You can also go to Sally Beauty and pick up a small packet of UnRed Hair Color Drabber (usually about $3), then squeeze it into your existing conditioner and shake. If your hair is super brassy, you can even use two per bottle.

Who shouldn't use these? Golden blondes, auburns and you fabulous redheads - don't touch this stuff!


GAP + Artists = Limited Edition T-Shirts

Gap just released a limited edition collection of t-shirts designed by 13 contemporary artists, including Chuck Close, Jeff Koons, and Barbara Kruger. They sell for $28. (See all the shirts here.)

This is the second pro artsy-fartsy move this year for Gap, who also sponsored the Biennial show at the Whitney Museum of American Art in NYC (still on display until June 1.)

I kind of wish Barbara Kruger's shirt read "I was sewn by a Malaysian baby." She's getting soft in her old age.


Scent Review: Burberry The Beat

In a sentence: This kicky new perfume smells exactly like a vodka and cranberry juice cocktail. ($50 for 1oz.)

Rating: B+


Milan's Convict Chicks Break In to Fashion

In Europe, even their prisoners are more stylish than ours. Not only that, but in Milan's San Vittore prison, they have a fashion design workshop staffed by inmates whose designs are being backed by big name fashion folk like Anna Molinari and even work on costumes used in large theater shows. They've even had runway shows INSIDE the prison.
In addition, inmates have launched their own line of t-shirts under the label Jail Cats.
Struggling Parsons grads take note-- doing illegal shit in Milan may lead to a promising career. So get hookin'.


Older Models Compete on New Reality Show

This year I realized I'm finally too old to try out for America's Top Model (or to convincingly threaten my friends that I'm really going to go try out and act like a freak just to get in the clip reel.) Which means I'm probably also too old to try out for Make Me A Supermodel. But now there's another one coming out, and I'm too YOUNG for it?!
Yup, She's Got the Look, which premieres June 4 on TV Land, will be ANTM for the 35+ crowd. Hosted by Debbie Harry doppleganger model Kim Alexis, it will be judged by model Beverly Johnson, stylist Robert Verdi and Sean Patterson, president of Wilhemina Models.
The prize is a contract with Wilhemina models and a photo spread in Self Magazine. Challenges will include walk-offs and photo shoots, as they all do.
Watching grown adult women fight will be so much more amusing than teenagers-- they're far more experienced in bitchery. I can't wait.

Would you watch 35-and-older models compete?

Clinique Lash Power: Sample Alert

Clinique is currently offering a free downloadable widget for brides-to-be to help keep them organized. When you download it, they'll also send you a free sample size of my current FAVORITE mascara ever-- new Lash Power, which is waterproof yet comes off without greasy eye makeup remover. (Check out my full product review.)

P.S. - They don't ask for details, so I'm pretty sure non-brides can get away with a free sample too just by clicking download.


Retro Swim: Glam or Gram(my)?

Victoria's Secret Very Sexy top $42 and bottom $38; Lux one-piece $98,; Lux top $48 and bottoms $58,; Isaac Mizrahi for Target top $22.99 and bottoms $19.99.

Urban Outfitters, Victoria's Secret and even Izaac Mizrahi for Target have all shown retro cut swimwear this season (as in high waisted bottoms, ruched-sleeve crop-tops and boy-leg one pieces with sweetheart necklines.)

Looking at them in a catalog, I think they're absolutely adorable. Kind of old-fashioned glamorous. Plus, they look as if they would hide a lot of "flawed" bodily attributes.
But could I actually wear one? Like, walking around South Beach? I'm not sure.

I'm wondering where other chic chicks stand on the issue.

The old fashioned swimsuit trend - love or hate?
Love but I wouldn't wear it


Hair Wars: Hilton Takes On Simpson


Jessica Simpson isn't the only bimbo hawking phony-ponies these days. She and gay boyfriend Ken Paves have had a line out since 2006 called Hair-Do. They offer both synthetic and human hair pieces, with prices starting at about $99.99.
Now Paris Hilton is launching her own weave line (synthetic only, it seems) for Sally Beauty stores. Hers will retail for about $79.99.
The website for her product is priceless. Tons of skanky photos, but that's not the best part. First line of copy? "Everyone should get the chance to be me."

Whose clip-in extensions would you rather buy?
Jessica Simpson's
Paris Hilton's


Perez Hilton: Mall Fashion Designer

Only Hot Topic would do this.
Starting June 6 a line from gossip blogger Perez Hilton will hit the shelves at the mall-ternative teen t-shirt haven.
The collection will consist of women's t-shirts, hoodies, accessories and footwear and will range in price from $1.75 to $46.
All items will also be obnoxiously named: Gossip Gangster Flip Flops, Perezcious Pink and Purple Lip Gloss, P-Nasty Shades...
You know, as long as his face isn't all over everything, it could be okay.

Update: Here's a pic...

Cheap Clothes for Rich Folks

Word has it the Rogan Gregory for Target collection is going to go on sale at Barney's New York for a few days before it hits Target stores. Seriously, did they have to find a way to let the rich people one-up us even on ghetto-priced designer collections? Or are they honestly inviting sweatpant-clad Target shoppers with scrunchies in their hair to wander around inside Barney's? (I can't imagine Barney's shoppers will be happy to have to share with the untouchables...)

Barney's, btw, also sells Gregory's "real" clothes. I'm amazed they aren't concerned that rich people might look at $15 items and $300 items side by side and suddenly realize they are idiots because both cost about 35 cents to make. Then what would become of the label-based fashion social structure?!
Apparently, Barney's maintains confidence in the stupidity of rich people.


Costume Institute Gala's Most Memorable

It looks like Anna Wintour has finally sprouted the devil horns she's earned during her icy reign at Vogue. The only surprising thing is they appear to be coming from her hips and shoulders instead of out from under that iconic wig.
This poor woman clearly is so monstrous a bitch that she has no one in her life willing to tell her the truth.
Such as:
"Yes, you do look ready for a cameo on Star Trek."

I'm on the fence about Kate Bosworth's loud-as-fuck beaded vintage number. Love it or hate it?


Haute Topic: McQueen's Latest Luggage

British fashion designer Alexander McQueen clearly had the jet-set goth in mind when designing his latest suitcase for Samsonite Black Label. It's basically a rolling model of a human ribcage.
If you have about $4,600 to drop on a shocking accessory this season, this baby should top your list.
McQueen reasons that as the ribcage acts as a protector to the vital organs, the design is clearly a time-tested method of transporting valuable goods. Can't argue that.


Icon Style Steal: Suzanne Somers

Suzanne Somers as Chrissy Snow

Chrissy Snow, the quintessential "dumb blonde" stereotype from 1970s-1980's series Three's Company may have been a moron, but her sporty-shorty getups and babydoll PJs are still the stuff boners are made of (just look at Hef's #1 girl Holly Madison from The Girls Next Door - she bites the Chrissy look with regularity.)

With the 80's still holding ground as the retro decade du jour, taking a page from the stylebook of this classic Suzanne Somers character is more than appropriate. Here are a few pieces to get you there:
Ruffle panties: $12.95,; PJ set: $14.80,; Eye pencil: $4,; Skater knee socks: $23.95 for 5 pairs,; Scunci no damage hair elastics: $3.29,; Interlock running shorts: $22,

'Cuz They Think That Poor is Co-ol

Check out the rich-hipsters-dressing-sloppy fashion slideshow Vogue brought back from this year's Coachella music fest.
It seems 90% of what they're wearing is "vintage." Kinda begs the question-- what qualifies as vintage these days?
PS-- I have to call out #26 on her "vintage dress from India." It's on the Delia's website, dude.

Nina Judges Birth Control Fashion?

Yikes. Heightening speculation that she's completely out of an Elle gig and desperate, Project Runway judge Nina Garcia is now playing judge for a package design contest for Yaz birth control pills.