Finders Sharers

Clearance sections usually contain two types of things: stuff that nobody bought because it sucks, and stuff that for some freak reason got marked down (I don't count "past season" as a legitimate flaw) because God or Vishnu or whoever smiled upon the broke people who have taste.
I spend hours every week scouring website clearance sections for treasures. Consider this my community service- I'm gonna show you some things I found on CLEARANCE right now that rule my face.

$19.99 LEATHER (not Pleather!) Knee-High Boots
Found at: Delia*s
A classic fall wardrobe staple, knee-high boots never go out of style. Maybe the "cuff" is on the trendy side, but it's still being rocked as it only really surfaced last winter.
They also come in brown and (ew) forest green. As a general rule, let's avoid colored leather, shall we?

$1.99 (Fake) Gold Guitar Necklace and $0.99 Gun Earrings
Found at: GirlProps
Okay they're a little tacky, but still pretty cute to wear to a show. You scenester.

$12.99 Feather Pillow and $9.99 Velvet Pillow
Found at: Urban Outfitters
The velvet one also comes in red-- with all three it would look cute together, right? Very Victorian bordello, but in a chic way.

$3.95 Large "Carnaby" Platter
Found at: Crate and Barrel
If your style is minimalist or modern or based in solid colors of a bolder variety, this magical slice of melamine will totally match. If your dinnerware is more "natural" or rustic, you could still use this for bringing food to a party.

$10 Retro Print Cotton Skirt
Found at: Wet Seal
It's rare to find a retro knockoff print that doesn't look like some hideous cartoon of what it's supposed to be. So I'm calling this skirt a rarity. Even though it will probably last about 3 washes before dissolving. Longevity is overrated in fashion.

$19.99 Canvas Tote
Found at: Newport News
Doesn't this design/color combo just scream "Upper East Side yuppie, part-time-working, nanny-having, horseback-riding, charity-ball-committee bitch"? I think a dash of that looks just dandy. Not real leather on the accents, but who's inspecting you? And plus, this way you won't piss off "the vegans."

$27.99 Isaac Mizrahi Georgette Dress
Found at: Target
This piece can easily transition to fall with a pair of opaque tights and a cardigan (black, preferably-- tied in by the black dots in the dress.) Totally cute for work, dinner, whatever. And they also have it in cream and a pale teal. There was an all-black one but it's either not on clearance yet or has sold out. Isaac has done good this time. Now if he would only lay off the shapeless mom trousers...

That's all for now! I'll share more as I find them.


Dick for Jane

Good thinking. Nothing a bunch of hipsters, DIY queens and lesbians want more than a magazine that delivers JLo interviews, $800 purse features and glowing reviews of Gwyneth Paltrow films.
Show me 10 Glamour readers who know what a Rilo Kiley is, and I'll think for one second I've put my $9 vintage clad hipster foot in my mouth. (Frankly I'm too lazy to go haggling for a refund. So I guess it's 1 down, 9 to go.)