New Product: Revlon "Pinch Me" Sheer Blush (Limited Edition)

A good blush makes you look like a little kid who just came in from recess. Most blush makes you look like a clown or a near-sighted old lady who had a stroke at her make-up table. I'm always on the lookout for one that does the former. I was a huge fan of Sephora's now-discontinued "Aquatint" liquid cheek-stain, and I've been desperate to find a replacement, so I picked up the new "Pinch Me" gel blush from Revlon's "limited edition" collection and gave it a shot. (The "Cheeky Cherry" shade, to be exact.)

Verdict: Looks natural, and unlike Aquatint, won't stain your fingers like food-coloring. It also stays on-- I applied at 8 a.m. and it was still there at midnight. What Sucks: Even if you snap the lid on tight, you still have to pump a little cylinder of dried-up gel out of the opening each time you use it. Price: Moderate-to-cheap (about $8.99)

UPDATE: After about a week the only thing coming out of the pump was total liquid stain-- what the fuck happened to the gel? It's 50 degrees out, so uh, I'm pretty sure it didn't melt. I still kind of use it but it is far harder to work with now!