Vogue Curvy

Vogue Italia has launched a new site: Vogue Curvy. As a curvy girl I was psyched to see a company like Vogue embracing curvy women in fashion. The more curvy women I see presented in popular fashion outlets, the more comfortable I am with my curves. I appreciate being able to see looks that work well with big hips and boobs.

I think a lot of people associate curves with plus size, but Vogue Curvy doesn't seem to be doing that exclusively and I think that's awesome. You don't have to be a plus size girl to rock some serious curves! They have a variety of curvy ladies featured on their site including women like Liv Tyler, Johanna Dray, America Ferrera, Crystal Renn, and Christina Hendricks.

Along with Vogue Curvy, Vogue Italia also launched Vogue Black and Vogue Talents. Vogue Black provides insights on the beauty of color and Vogue Talents takes a look at up and coming designers and encourages users to submit their work.


Another Model Musician

Model Karen Elson - made famous for her "bad bob" back in the 90's - is releasing an album this summer. Looks like she's in the Carla Bruni league of multi-skilled mannequins who can actually sing and write a decent song. Download it for free here, or check it out the video:


Gaultier for Target Collection Images

On Sunday, March 7 select Target stores will be home to the latest Go! International design collaboration, this time featuring French fashion legend Jean Paul Gaultier.

The Good News: There are some cute dresses in retro silhouettes with floral outline motifs and bustier or halter necklines.

The Bad News: A good deal of the collection is tattoo-print mesh - something that can be made to work with hig quality fabrics, but after Target's Rodarte collection rife with scratchy 99 cent ballet tutu material I have serious doubt this "mesh" will be comfortable, let alone visually acceptable. There are a few pinup girl attempts with high waistlines and gingham, but they come off more Ellie May Clampett than Americana chic.

Check it all out HERE.


3-Day Shoe Sale at Urban

Urban Outfitters is offering an extra 20% off on shoes until Tuesday. Use Code: SHOEIN
Some of my picks below:

(I know the white platforms are a little bit standard-issue nurse uniform goes to the beach but if you steer clear of the floral trend and pair them with some crazy nautical stripes I feel like they could work.)


Desert Boots: Hot or Not?

SJP was caught rocking desert boots in NYC a couple weeks ago and word in the fashion mags is that they're hot business for spring. I'm on the fence - they're either carefree chic or belong on some bare-faced outdoorswoman with a bandana over her hair. I was leaning towards the latter till I found these paint-splattered desert boots by Sam Edelman (Bernadette) on sale for $45. I think the neon splashes give them the art student vibe that's necessary to pass them off as stylish.

Desert Boots: Hot or Not?
I can't decide


Review: David Babaii for WildAid

Here's a hair truth: Most shampoos and conditioners are full of sulfates. Sulfates = salts = drying = sucks the color right out of your hair. And basically every shampoo on the shelf under $15 is full of them. Yeah, L'Oreal came out with Ever Pure and those are about $7 a pop, but they smell a bit manly I was convinced I could do better. Of course, I was right.

David Babaii for WildAid Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner smell like a delicious pina colada. Created by celebrity stylist David Babaii and hippie princess Kate Hudson to benefit global wildlife preservation organization WildAid, they're a trifecta of goodness: sulfate free, eco-friendly and cruelty free. (Can you imagine a reason to EVER test a hair product on anything but human hair? I simply can't. Hair is dead and it's a waste product.)

Price: $10 for 13.5oz.- and $1 of it goes directly to WildAid. It's nine parts an investment in preserving your dye job, one part charitable giving. When you think about it, its just a couple of dollars more than the L'Oreal junk. I bought mine at Ulta.

Verdict: Smells like a delicious pina colada. Conditioner needs to be left on for several minutes to do the job, which is kind of annoying. Beats Pureology in price and scent, but not in performance.