Clearance Finds Under $50 @ Nine West

Clockwise from top: Enricos, $39.99-$49.99; Haydin, $29.99; Hamptonesk, $29.99-$39.99; Goto, $34.99; Ladidah, $49.99. Check out the rest of their huge clearance section for more.

(BTW- Purchases over $50 ship free, and code NWFALLV08 knocks $10 off a purchase $65 or more.)

Ditto Does 80's Style Plus

Gossip frontwoman Beth Ditto has signed on to join the growing army of celebrity designers with their own label or capsule collection, thanks to a collaboration with Brit plus-size retailer Evans.
If you're remotely aware of this lady, you'll know that she's majorly into glam rock and 80's style, and she daringly rocks ensembles with a confidence that would blow any catwalk model right off the runway. Most of Ditto's own clothing is custom made by designers. She's always been outspoken about how places like Topshop don't cater to women her size, so her offerings will be the fruit of a personal crusade, and will be inspired by her own 80's aesthetic.
So I guess maybe for once, girls like me will be the ones sighing "I wish they made that in my size"?


Ruche: Sorta Like Anthropologie Lite

I happened upon a little online shop today that struck me as something Anthropologie shoppers might dig. It's called Ruche (say: roosh), tagline "a modern boutique with a vintage touch."

Unlike Anthropologie they aren't charging a 4,000% markup on wispy garments cobbled together by third world children. They have some really adorable dresses, most of which hit around the $30 range.

The pieces featured here range from $7.99 to $44.99. It's not a huge selection (think 20-40 products per category) but it's a quality over quantity thing for sure. Oh! And fans of organic fabrics will find more than just t-shirts to tickle their fancy.

Just FYI, Ruche is based out of California and owned by a cute young chick named Mai. Always gotta give entrepreneurial ladies props.

[All images from]

Steve Madden Sale Finds is taking an automatic 30% off their clearance items right now. These are my top picks:Dionnne (also in brown) - $62.99
Innka (also in black) - $55.99


Calvin Klein: Too Slutty for TV Again

On the heels of last year's naked Eva Mendes commercial - which made TV network execs' balls hurt at just the thought of airing it - they've created another for-internet-only commercial.

I have to ask, in the 2 girls and a guy shots, wtf is the girl on the edge of the couch getting out of that situation? She's pretty much just balanced there squashing her own boobs. Looks like fun!


This Week's Private Sale Boutiques

I'm a big fan of these members only sale sites, but not every virtual sale boutique they open is "cool." Here are this week's great labels:

Tuesday, Jan. 27 - Vix (Swimwear) @
Wednesday, Jan. 28 - Kova & T @
Thursday, Jan. 29 - What Comes Around Goes Around (Vintage styles) @
Friday, Jan. 30 - Charlotte Ronson @

Most of these sales last only a day or two, so act fast. Check the site for the exact start time of each sale - they vary, and you want to get in before it's picked over.

P.S. Go ahead and email if you need an invite to any of these sites.

[Image: Charlotte Ronson Spring 2008 campaign]

Lancome Rocks with "Pink Irreverence"

[Click image to enlarge]

I never thought a gloss with this much glitter could win my heart, let alone in a traffic-halting hot pink. In the last few years, I've laid all the makeup weight on my eyes and left my lips lightly glossed (following that cardinal rule most sane women abide by - that you can do major eyes or do major lips, but to do both leaves you looking like a drunk hooker.) However, it's hard to not be mesmerized by Lancome's new La Laque Fever ($26.) It's a mega-shine, mega-sparkle, mega-hued gloss in an angular case, with a flat edged, pointed tip applicator that allows for a defined cupid's bow. They seem to have thought of everything!

The good: It stays on for hours. Even when the sheen of the gloss dulls, the color remains true, and the glitter isn't lost with the goo. It's really about as glam as it gets - Hedwig herself would be stocking up.
The bad: This ain't no slap-and-go gloss - you'd better carry a mirror if you plan to reapply. With a product this intense, anything but precision will leave you with a psychedelic 'stache or a neo-kinderwhore smear.

The Electric Pink pictured above is just one of several luxuriously punked-out products in the "Pink Irreverence" Spring 09 Color Collection by makeup artist Aaron De Mey, Lancome's International Creative Director.

[Image: Lancome]

Just a head's up: The color fever gloss in this collection called Piha Black (above, layered over red lipstick) sold out like crazy on it's first release, so if you want to try it, jump on it now. It's a sheer, glittery black created as a topcoat to dramatize an existing lipstick shade - or it can be worn alone for a more avant garde look.

P.S. - Want this tee? Send your email address to with a photo of you and your favorite Lancome product. One winner (chosen by staff) will get this super cute American Apparel shirt and their photo featured on Hearts Like Stars. (T-shirt available in size small only.)


Urban Decay Launches Fab New Shades for Spring

[Click image to enlarge]

This weekend some of my trusted product junkies/testers and I had a blast messing with the newest rockstar-ready shades from Urban Decay.

Having never quite gotten over my childhood David Bowie crush, I'm a big fan of Heavy Metal eyeliner. Check out the site for 4 new shades. ($18 each)
The good: The mica particles stay put, and they're dispersed enough that you end up avoiding the trannyliciousness that glitter makeup can sometimes induce. Pressed along the upper lash line and/or layered over a liquid liner, it's a killer accent.
The bad: Removal can be a bit irritating if you're not careful (like if you've come home from a night of other reckless behaviors and have little in the way of patience.) And as with all glitter, once you wash it it's free to travel your face like a pair of Blake Lively's jeans.

24/7 Glide-On Eyeliner also comes in 4 new shades, and is true to it's name. ($16 each)
The good: It's soft and smooth and metallic and won't budge unless you want it to.
The bad: Zip.

Their new product in 12 shades is a Cream Eyeshadow that comes in a small tube and is applied with a lip gloss style wand. My advice? Blend with a finger for the best effect. ($17 each)
The good: It does metallic far more convincingly than a powder shadow, and it doesn't settle in the crease. Plus, it feels cool on your lids.
The bad: It's not really a "bad"- but just be careful not to use eye makeup remover immediately beforehand, or it'll chunk up.

Honorable Mention: Check out the packaging on their lipstick (the latest shade is a version of their famous Midnight Cowboy champagne color.) All their lipsticks have a dagger jutting out of the bottom that you tug to release the tube. Slightly impractical? Yes. But it deserves a bad-ass award for creativity. And by the way -despite the glitter in the formula, the new shade really goes on smooth.

Just for the fuckofit - some more pics from our fun shoot with model Erin R.:

[Click image to enlarge]


Sneak Peek! McQueen for Target

Okay, come to find out, some of the Alexander McQueen Go! International stuff looks like shit. And I'm not super pleased with the Hot Topic-esque choices of neon pink and cobalt blue as the "pops of color" amid the grey and black. But there are some fantastic pieces (t-shirt, vest, jumpsuit, jacket, dress) in the collection that I will stab you for even looking at in a size 6 before I get there. (Just warning you.) Here they are (via Nylon Magazine, where you can see everything):

P.S. - Way to pick a model who looks like a dude. (Androgyny is a fine thing, but this lady is falling on the other side of the line.) Target's website still has no official press release posted as to the date it's coming out, nor do I know the prices of these pieces, but I'll keep you posted.


King McQueen and a Rather Dull YSL

[Photos by Khepri Studio via]

Pre-fall from Alexander McQueen featured long silhouettes with volume placed at the extremities in the form of fishtail skirts, layered jackets and bell sleeves.

I'd love for the stained-glass print (center) to overtake the tired tattoo as the lazy labelwhore's look du jour. (Haven't we had our fill of Ed Hardy yet? I mean, when the skanks on Rock of Love are fans, you need to take a step back and reconsider your choices.)

[Photos by Dominique Maitre via]

Meanwhile, Yves Saint Laurent gave us this elegant (but been-there-done-that) Grecian gown and a sick asymmetric leather bomber. Beyond that, there wasn't much that was flattering or innovative. The highwater pleated pants, plain shift dresses and torso-widening woven details did nothing for me.


Clinique Launches Spring 2009 Collection "First Blush"

I had the opportunity to try out the spring 2009 collection from Clinique this past week, "First Blush". Highlights include flower-themed eyeshadow duos in ethereal neutrals, high-shine glosses with just a whisper of color, and the standout innovation I adore - Quick Blush.

I have to admit, I'm a child and I played with the products before reading the details, so I had no idea how to use Quick Blush and ended up sticking my finger in the cap (where the blush is.) Here's how it actually works:

With a twist the brush picks up just enough blush from the cap to add a nice flush to your cheeks. Equally impressive is the quality of the super-soft retractable brush, which alone is worth the price of the product. I'll probably clean it and continue to use it even after the blush runs out. Reduce, reuse, recycle, ladies!

The eyeshadow packaging is super cute, and Clinique just has a knack for creating universally flattering shades. Of course I could show you pics of the gorgeous model with artist-applied eyeshadow they sent me, but I wanted y'all to see how they look on a real chick who applied them in about 30 seconds:

[Fresh Bloom Eye Shadow ($16.50 each, from left): Tiger Lily, Apple Blossom, Maple Blossom, Cherry Blossom; Lash Doubling Mascara ($14, all photos); Long Last Glosswear SPF 15 in First Blush (1,2) and Honey Shimmer (3,4), $14 each; Quick Blush in Hurry Honey (1,3) and In-a-Rush Blush (2,4) $21.50.]

"First Blush" will be available at Clinique locations nationwide in February 2009, and online at

P.S. My faves? The Quick Blush in Hurry Honey and the shadow in Tiger Lily.

Vivienne Westwood Forgot Her Meds

Granted most guys on earth dress like shit anyway, but I look to the runways to steer them towards improvement, not further peril. Let me share with you some choice looks from the completely disjointed and bizarre men's Pre-Fall 2009 collection by older-than-fuck fashion rockstar Vivienne Westwood. God love her for pioneering decades of fearless visual bitchslap style, and having that vision years before she got her first rubber sweater over Johnny Rotten's greasy head. But I'm not going to lie - after this shambling shitshow (with like a handful of straight up suits mixed in?), she might wanna stick to womenswear.
Then again what do I know, maybe I just don't understand her genius and she's trying to appeal to these untapped niche markets:

Ex 90's Club Kids
Dave Matthew's Band roadies
John Cougar Mellencamp
Black dudes who really want to get beat up
Psychedelic... chicken... warriors?

[All photos by Davide Maestri via WWD]


Will Topshop NYC Ever Open?

The NYC Topshop flagship was supposed to open in September 2008...then November 2008...on Jan. 5 it was leaked that the opening would be March 26, 2009 at 9 p.m. The next day it was reported a fire broke out in the store. Causing further delays? Who knows.

What's the real holdup, I wonder? Money problems? Perfecting the in-store Kate Moss shrine? Seems top secret, whatever it is. Their website offers no info on the new location.



I don't know where to begin - I'm literally shaking with excitement about all the sick sale items this Brit store ASOS (yes they ship to the US) has up for grabs! I'll just let these pictures speak 5,584,879 words to your face:

L to R from top: Polka dot dress - $35.51; Religion asymmetric mini dress - $35.51; Religion grecian tulip dress - $40.35; Religion cut out shoulder dress - $40.35; Bellanina wool bandeau dress - $56.49; Religion razor blade detail dress - $64. 56; Miss Milne beaded 20's dress - $61.33; Miss Milne ruffle neck chiffon dress - $80. 70; Chandelier lace dress - $56.49; Miss Milne lightening dress - $80.70; Lipsy strappy body con dress - $56.49.


Katie Holmes for Miu Miu

Check her new campaign shot by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott. She's looking better than she has since the start of her Scientology imprisonment, don't you think? Can't say the same for the dress - c'mon Prada! What is that, a stained janitor's rag with accordion pleats?

Designers Love Obama

From left: Zac Posen, Diane Von Furstenberg, Donna Karan, Juicy Couture, Tory Burch.
[Courtesy photos via]

Women's Wear Daily posted a slideshow today featuring the designer items created for sale at Barack Obama's inauguration. The proceeds from their sale will support the costs of the inauguration. You can get them at through February.

I think the only one I would wear (to the gym) is Donna Karan's, although the article mentions a Rachel Roy t-shirt not shown that says "I (heart) my president" which I might also consider (for the gym.)