American Apparel Casting Tomorrow

American Apparel is having an open casting call for models tomorrow - Friday, May 29th - in L.A. (they Tweeted this just a couple of hours ago.)

If you feel there just aren't enough compromising photographs of you in a leotard on the internet, you'll want to send your photos to STAT.

Knock It Off: Summer Sandals

I don't know about you, but I really beat the hell out of my summer sandals - taking them from beaches to rainstorms to inevitably being dropped in the pool for some reason or another. It's rare that they last me more than one season (no matter how expensive they are). This is why I love stores like, where you can pick up knockoffs of the hottest new sandals on average between $8 and $20. Check out some of this seasons killer copies:

[click image to enlarge]

Shield sandals, $14.20; Metallic criss-cross gladiator, $14.60; Braided thong, $11.99; Mesh suede sandal, $18.50; Braided gladiator, $16.20; Studded shield sandal, $15.10; Double buckle stud sandal, $14.20; Gladiator sheild sandal, $19; Strappy braided sandal, $14.70.

Keen on Peaches

Maybe it's just cause she's British and somehow even trashy Brits seem less trashy than American ones (it's gotta be the accent?) but I kind of love Peaches Geldof. She has a great, eerie face and impeccable rock-spawn style, but above all she looks like she consumes more than 10 cigarettes and a vial of powder for lunch - which is a fucking FEAT for a girl running in her rich-idiot circle. Sure, this probably only means she's into downers instead, but body-wise her impending death seems far less obvious, and therefore I can't logically blame her for the 14 year old barfing in the stall next to me.

Not only does she have a somewhat healthy appearance, but she's getting paid for it. Check her out as the Miss Ultimo spokesperson. FYI if you see anything you like, this cute lingere shop is UK-based but does ship to the U.S. for some hefty postage (close to $25.) And if you have megaboobs, their sizes go up to a G-cup (holy shit.)


Semi-Annual Sale at Victoria's Secret

The Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual sale started online this month (won't be in stores till late June), and many of their own brand's swimsuits are cut down to reasonable prices. As always, I'm a fan of their mix and match styles ($14.50 bottoms and $14.50-$22 tops).

This suit is a particular standout. It has a real retro Bond girl look about it:
Ruched bikini, $31 top and $28 bottom.


Icon Style Steal: Zooey Deschanel

It's amazing how with all the money in the world, most celebrities can't put together an outfit to save their lives. It's rare that someone like Zooey Deschanel comes along and uses their obscene wealth to purchase and concoct such adorable ensembles.

Since the release of her new commercial for cotton, I have been obsessing over the outfit she's wearing in the record store scene.

So I set out to reproduce it using normal human means. Ta-dah:
[Click image to enlarge]

"Swami's Beach" shorts in Grey, $28,; Turquoise shoes by Miss Me, $42,; Deep teal cotton cardigan, $49,; Skylar blouse, $39.99,


Smashbox Sale: 20 Percent Off

In case you don't have your bifocals on, the code is FFSB9 for 20% off. I recommend their glosses - very similar to NARS gloss in their non-sticky texture and color range.


Call Us Joan Rivers but...

Hearts Like Stars is having a little work done. Okay, a lot. After years of messing with our layout and design and coming up with nothing short of a flea market effect, we've finally gone to see a professional. Luckily we found someone who didn't mind being paid in sex, so the project is already underway. So far our new face is looking amazing!

The swelling should be down and bandages off in the next two weeks, so keep an eye out...

Forever 21 for People Over 21 Coming Soon

Looks like Forever 21 is about to launch a new line geared towards an older, more sophisticated customer. I'm looking forward to checking it out. Now that I no longer do enough drugs to feel comfortable in dresses that graze my ass cheeks, I haven't really been shopping there.


Flashy Beaded Headbands Under $50

Click image to enlarge in new window

[Clockwise from center: Tinsel queen headband, $9.95 at; Vintage beaded headwrap, $24,; Beaded applique headwrap, $24,; Serpentine headband, $48,; BeSomethingNew vintage metal headband, $60,]

P.S. I found so many great headbands made by hand with vintage materials at Etsy seller BeSomethingNew's shop. Check her out.

The Fashion Show: Review

The basic components of Bravo's "Project Runway" replacement "The Fashion Show" are the same - near-impossible challenges, team projects, judges wandering through asking questions while looking concerned (minus the elegant Tim Gunn "elbow hold and two fingers on the cheek" pose), runway showdown, and tense elimination round. The judging panel formula is also basically the same - gay designer + useless idiot + aging fashion powerbitch + guest judge. The exception being that the Tim Gunn figure actually sits on the judging panel at the end, instead of handing the baton to another designer.

For a "knockoff" it wasn't half bad - and it had a few subtle differences that gave it an edge in terms of charm - first and foremost, Mr. Isaac Mizrahi. He's hilarious but kind, and he seems genuinely engaged in the process. He's not just there to zing the designers about their final product Kors-style. To compensate for his lack of entertaining cruelty, I forsee Mizrahi treating us to some emotional breakdowns in the later episodes during judging.

Watching Project Runway I always found myself yelling "what the f*ck do you know? You model mall underwear!" whenever Heidi shared her opinions on design. I feel the same level of disbeleif and annoyance whenever Kelly Rowland opens her over-glossed lips. Seriously? You're a Destiny's Child leftover. Interchangeable with any Go-Go member that isn't Belinda Carlisle. Nobody cares what you think!

So how is The Fashion Show different? For one, the contestants seem genuine. Over it's 5 seasons Project Runway producers fell into a Real World-style casting format where you could clearly see who was filling the shoes of which contestant from the previous season.
"He's supposed to be the Jay, and he's the new Santino..." and so on.
It got old, and turned me off to the show in the end. On a whole, The Fashion Show's contestants are far more likeable and seem to be less flamboyant. That is, with the exception of a 40 year old Guatemalan elf-monster that calls himself Merlin (pictured at right in an equestrian Star Trek uniform of his own design), who is nothing short of disgusting in every way.

The sad part? I'm not yet convinced The Fashion Show cast is of the same caliber of design skill as past PR casts, but that remains to be seen. So far they have called silk harem pants, tube skirts and super-short bolero jackets must have pieces...

The Fashion Show is on Bravo Thursdays at 10 p.m.
Watch episode 1 HERE on Hulu.


Yet Another American Apparel Lawsuit

I guess Dov Charney wasn't sure if everyone knew American Apparel was run by a sleazy Jewish pervert, so he put these billboards up for about a week, and then fellow sleazy Jewish pervert Woody Allen got pissed and now he's suing?

Anna Sui Does Target

Images from a past Anna Sui ready-to-wear collection

Veteran fashion designer Anna Sui has signed on to do a Go! International capsule collection for Target at some point in 2009.

Sui's aesthetic has always been frilly and bohemian, often with a multicultural spin. Her dresses are sometimes sold by retailers like Anthropologie. I'll post pics as soon as they leak!

UPDATE! The line will be based on the four main Gossip Girl characters (Serena, Blair, Jenny and Vanessa) and will be in stores starting September 13th. You'll find me between the Jenny and Serena aisles.


Revlon Can't Win the Youth Game

The other night I saw the first Revlon commercial starring 38-year-old actress and new spokeswoman Jennifer Connelly. Unfortunately they made her up like a Robert Palmer girl and aged her up about 10 years (photo at left), but she's a great pick for the brand nonetheless. It got me thinking...

As far as representing the "mature woman," Revlon has nailed it, haven't they? Every ambassador is classy, beautiful and talented. But when it comes to twenty-somethings, they pick the most unlikeable chicks in Hollywood. The latest (as of Monday)? Jessica Biel.

Check out the stats:

Age 30-50
Jennifer Connelly (Oscar winner)
Halle Berry (Oscar winner)
Julianne Moore (Oscar nominee)
Susan Sarandon (Oscar winner)
Elle MacPherson (actress, model, prestige business owner)

Kate Bosworth (never been in a good film, totally unhealthy)
Jessica Alba (never been in a good film)
Jessica Biel (never been in a good film, kind of a man)

If Revlon wants to capture ANY of the youth market they need to step it up and at least pick someone with a personality. Then again, if your best product is lipstick, is aiming older a bad idea?

Do you wear lipstick?