McQueen for Target

He is probably the LAST designer I would imagine signing on for a Go: International collection, but one I'm overboard with excitement to learn that rock n' roll/ goth/ fairy tale fashion master Alexander McQueen is next on the roster for the bargain retailer!
Says today's Womens Wear Daily:
The collection has a muted color palette of black, white, gray and tan with accents of cobalt blue and bright pink. Studs and mesh give items an edge. There are studded jeans, shorts and denim jackets with asymmetrical closures, short tuxedo jackets and matching shorts, dresses in a blue and white painterly fabric, a one-shoulder dress in a gray-and-black zigzag pattern with a thick black belt, a T-shirt with the image of [Leila] Moss [of Brit band The Duke Spirit]
No official date for the launch has been released, but if we're following the typical Target Go collection schedule, we should expect it to arrive later this month. I'll post pics as soon as they hit the press. In the meantime, poke around his website and check the archive pages. You may join me in freaking out.


Comme des Garcons for H&M: Clown Chic?

From the photos I've seen, this capsule collection is chock full of ridiculous pieces (low-crotched capri pants, anyone?) that don't seem worth the jacked prices (the advertisements featuring the beautiful Missy Rayder with hair styled like my 4th grade bus driver don't help.) But even more unfortunate is the fact I haven't had the opportunity to investigate in person. The collection is in 200 stores worldwide, 8 in the US, and 3 of those are in Manhattan. Two more are in L.A., one in San Francisco and one in Chicago.

So Chicago is considered to be more fashionable than Boston? I know it's not THAT hard to top the land of khaki and loafer, but really....Chicago? Sigh. We've got a long way to go, Boston.