Because Who Reads the Newspaper Anymore?

LA is filled with "eco-friendly" fashion. A part of me feels that this is because we get hit with global warming the worst. Last time I was at the beach, half the bathers looked like chicken nuggets.

Last weekend was the Sunset Junction Street Festival. Since Silver Lake is the epoch of green consumerism, it made sense Green With Envy had an enormous booth.

What caught my eye was the Newspaper Clutch. It's totally adorable and had to be inspired by a Project Runway challenge.

It's easily make-able and easily breakable, so I learned, $45 later.


The Most Expensive F21 Item Ever: $150

Totally cute, real leather jacket for $150. Pair this cropped number with a cute, floral dress -maybe like this?- and you'll look cuter than Agyness Deyn! (I mean, it's not hard...)


Earnest is the New Ironic

Just when I thought stuff written on t-shirts was so 6 years ago, Urban Outfitters busts out this one. It can be yours for $28.


CVS is Having a Beauty Baby

CVS is planning to open a new line of specialty stores called Beauty 360, which reportedly will carry 32 different lines of upscale cosmetics and skin care products. They won't spill the dirt on which brands, but 100 stores are planned to open this year. The first will be in Washington, D.C. and Sacramento, Calif.

With a beauty megastore like Sephora around, I'm not sure what they're aiming to do. With 32 lines they wont be a competitor, so will they offer lower prices? Brands not sold at Sephora (like M.A.C.)?
I'm curious.


What the Fekkai?

For those of you who hit the shelves instead of the salon when you're looking for a dye-job, there's a fancier (and seemingly more pain-in-the-ass) way to do it starting this month.
High-end hair guru Frederick Fekkai has released his own line of at-home coloring kits called "Fekkai Salon Color" available at Bloomingdales for $30 a pop.
So how's it different? Well, you don't apply it with one of those handy ketchup bottles other box colors give you. You mix it up in a bowl and apply with a brush, like a hairdresser does.
Anyone else see potential disaster in this concept? I'm sure the color itself is great, but yikes. How do you brush at the back of your head and not glob the stuff all down your back?
Comment if you've tried it.


Two Cheeks, Two Blushes

Yesterday I hit Sephora with my good friend Liz, and as always, left with several things on my face I didn't arrive wearing.
Two of those things were cheek colors Benefit PosieTint and Smashbox O-Glow.
Bottom line: similar shades of sweet baby pink, totally flattering on fair-skin.

PosieTint ($28) is like its predecessor cheek stain BeneTint, only it looks less like food coloring and more like the consistency of nail polish. On the finger, it looks like a Barbie disaster, but on cheeks it looks natural (yet still noticeable.) It was the stronger pigment of the two I put on.

O-Glow ($26) is actually a clear non-sticky gel that magically turns the color you naturally blush. Okay, that's total B.S. But the color it did turn looked very natural, whatever chemical "magic" took place to change it.
I'm planning to go back and get some of this one for those minimalist days when fresh-faced actually means leaving the house with almost-bare skin. It's the kind of product I'd market to those hippie ladies who don't wear a stitch of makeup. (Most people, I don't care who you are, need a touch of color to look good.)
I haven't tried it yet (I'm leery of using any lip product tester, even with a disposable brush ...eww) but there's a matching O-Glow lip gloss ($22)that works the same way.

Fall Looks Fun

Check out the MAC Cosmetics website now for some great makeup inspiration. During the summer its easy to get into a utilitarian rut with makeup, dodging great colors to avoid looking like a Bomb-Pop melted on your face. When the cool breezes start to roll in, it's high time to work a little bit of character back into the old routine. I had a lot of fun clicking through the new looks they created for the fall runways.

There are 5 portfolios:
Seventease (which is of course, my favorite)


What Would Tim Gunn Say?

Word has it she designed this herself? Looks like she did!
What I wouldn't give to see Michael, Heidi and Nina weigh in.


Designer Mega-Sales: By Invitation Only

Two new invite-only websites slashing designer prices by about 60-70% have popped up on the web recently: and (My fave is still
How it works: They open up "boutiques" at a certain date and time filled with stuff from a particular brand (so far Gucci and Dior sunglasses, and Juicy Couture purses, pet fashions and sunglasses) and it's first-come first serve.
My advice: Stuff starts selling out in the first hour so you need to be on the ball if you like something.And how do you know if you like something? They give you a preview for days in advance.
Coming up next on RueLaLa is kitchenwares from Caphalon and fashion by Muse.
If you want in on this site, send me your email and I'll fire off an invite.


Small Bites

* Michael Kors is going to make a guest appearance on Gossip Girl this fall. He'll play himself, but who do you think he'll be interacting with? (My bet is Blair.)

* You can finally buy Bumble and Bumble products on their (totally revamped) site.

*Rumor has it that Jovovich-Hawk is just about over.

*Did they lighten Beyonce's skin in this L'Oreal ad? Uhm...


Review: NEW from Origins!

Back in the day, I used to save my masks for slumber parties. They were something to do, since we couldn't leave the house yet, but we didn't care what was in them or why.
Nowadays slathering a mask on is a less frequent and more solitary ritual, but one far more necessary-- if for no other reason than it forces you to take a few "me" minutes and hide out because your face is a mess. I got a chance to try out the new Dr. Andrew Weil for Origins™ Plantidote™ Mega-Mushroom Skin-Calming Face Mask (Coming in September 2008!) tonight, officially kicking off a mask comeback in my skincare ritual.

What: This mask does double duty on the relaxation front, cooling and softening the skin with just a dash of aromatherapy thanks to natural ingredients like ginger. (It smells just like the other Plantidote products.)

Verdict: On contact the light green cream cools the skin. When it was close to dry I rinsed... and rinsed... and felt like the mask wasn't coming off. I finally realized it was just my skin, which had become unrecognizably smooth. My usually massive pores even looked smaller! When the drier weather kicks in, this stuff is going to be a lifesaver.

Price: $35

Review: BADgal Not So Badass

I'd heard all kinds of good things about Benefit BadGal mascara ($19), so I picked up a trial size tube ($9) at Sephora last week and have been wearing it the past few days.
What: BadGal has a HUGE brush at the end of the wand, just like Dior's DiorShow ($24) mascara. Both brands give you fat, bold lashes, but you have to maneuver pretty carefully to avoid hitting your eyelids with the massive applicator.
The verdict: I've worn both on moderately humid days, and BadGal does leave you in a semi-raccoon state by the end of the day. Sort of a bummer, since a sweaty night out is a perfect time to rock big fat lashes.
If you like huge brushes, my vote is DiorShow. However, be warned that it seems to dry out pretty quickly compared to other mascaras.


Topshop NYC Website

It's up, HERE, complete with a gallery of hipsters hanging out at McCarren Pool. (From a party to celebrate the opening of the store... even though it's not open for another two months?)
Regardless, there's also a drawing to win $1k to spend at the new shop when it ACTUALLY opens on Broadway and Broome in SOHO this October.

Orange Pop!

While dull earth tones, wimpy pastels and heart-attack black ensembles rule the rest of the year, summer is prime time for all-out brights. My loud color love right now just happens to be orange, so I've thrown together a few cute things worth rocking while the weather is still hot. Just don't wear them all together, unless you want to look like a Fanta ad.

Risky Business sunglasses: $10,
Aviators: $9.99,

Sunburst dress: $22.80,

BCBGirls Onella wedge: $39.99 on sale at
Almost identical: $18.99 on (Also in silver snake, black, yellow, white and fuschia.)

Justine hobo bag
: $58,

Record necklace: $2.99,
Faceted stone ring: $3.80,