DIY: Get Dior-esque Half Moon Nails

It's been a long time since I've seen a trend in nails that I've had any interest in. Maybe it's because they usually involve long nails, which are so corpse-esque and trashy I can't even look at them. I do, however, love the retro film star nails the models were rocking on the Dior Fall 2009 runway (they're sort of like a reverse French mani) and to get them you don't need horrific bird talons.

Though the manicurist at the show claims the look can't be tried at home (trying to keep the trend exclusive, perhaps?), Jessica at Stylelist put up a great post a couple months back about how to get the look.

Basically, just paint your nails like normal (using a dark color for drama) and then carefully remove a half-moon shaped strip at the base of the nail using polish remover and a little tiny paintbrush you can probably nab at a craft store.


Lancome Lovers: Get 20 Percent Off

(Click on the image to open in a new window)

HLS readers in New York, New Jersey, Texas and California are in luck next week! Print out the above coupon and bring it to any Lancome boutique (not counter, Sephora, etc. - just boutiques - find locations HERE) to get 20% off.

My picks? Get on the deep blue trend early and grab something from their Declaring Indigo fall color collection. I love the Indigo Charm eyeshadow palette, but if you're less daring, the nail polish in Indigo Paris is also gorgeous.


Get Mad Men-ized

You've already been Simpsonized, Elfed and turned into an M&M. But all the while, weren't you just dying to see yourself in a girdle? Do it now at

I'm so psyched for the season 3 premiere on August 20 (and so trying to distract myself from the fact it's so hot I think my internal organs are melting) that I made one - though after the episode with Peggy and her "basket of kisses" they should really know better than to only give you one lipstick color option.


Lust of the Day

Flats, $126 USD.
(also in black)

Lower Priced Gilt Fuse Launches in August

I have to admit, I love but as yet I have never made a purchase. I can't afford the stuff they sell even when it's 60% off! Fortunately, the ladies behind the site are not idiots. They've heard of girls like me (according to yesterday's New York Times article about it, more than 50% of Gilt members are in their 20's) and next month they're throwing us a bone.

A spinoff site called Gilt Fuse will host sample sales for trendier younger brands with items all priced under $150.

Follow Gilt Fuse on Twitter for updates: giltfuse


Anna McCraney Wins "The Fashion Show"

Tonight design teacher Anna McCraney won Bravo's Project Runway replacement The Fashion Show. Compared to the other contestants, she was the only one with restraint and marketability. She falls somewhere between Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters on the aesthetic chart.

As for the other finalists: I have no idea why James Paul's origami bullshit (he's often like a way less wearable Yamamoto, isn't he?) even made it to the finals aside from the fact Reco gave the judges no choice by busting out a bedazzled Tello's/Joyce Leslie/Texas pageant fiasco all over the runway. I'm also pretty sure Reco was a Dave Chapelle character. Daniella's collection was okay, but aside from a couple of the sequined numbers (which I would probably wear) all the sheer fabric got a little too Fly Girls for me.

I just want to make a side note about the "version of the winning designs for sale on" situation. In nearly each case, a terribly sad iteration of the designer's winning piece was created and then sold for a laughable price (upwards of $99.) Supposedly James Paul's blobby black dress "sold out." Really? I think that may be a lie. Look at the Fashion Show designs for sale and tell me what you think.


Welcome to my Layer

Redken’s Layer Lift 07 came into salons in April 2009. This non-aerosol spray gel smoothes out your frizzies while its volumizing formula brings out your layers.

When I first applied it, it was a tad sticky but that could just be from my recent onset of self-diagnosed OCD. (Geez, it has been a while since I last posted.) I combed it through my damp hair with my fingers, tousled a tad, and then ran a dryer on cool through my hair for about a minute.

I’m pretty happy with the results. It does help with a layered look, which is extremely helpful especially when you’re a few days overdue for a trim. (Please don’t judge me.)

Georgia May Jagger the New Face of Hudson Jeans

[Image via]

And so the "rocker+model=rocker or model kid" theorum is once again proven. Following in the footsteps of big sister Lizzy, Jerry Hall and Mick Jagger's youngest spawn - the buck/gap-toothed Georgia May, 17 - just landed her first major campaign as the face of L.A.-based Hudson Jeans.

[Images via]


Bravo's Fashion Show Winner Announced Thursday

Voting has closed, but tell us - which of these designer-wannabes would you pick to win?

Who should win?
James Paul
They all suck


Marc Jacobs Lola and Other Pretty Perfumes

Marc Jacobs just launched a new youthful fragrance called Lola, sold exclusively at Bloomingdales (until it's wider release in September.) The packaging is fun - it reminds me of a flamenco dancer's skirt, or the sleeves of something Gloria Estefan would have worn onstage in 1987.

Maybe it's misty memories of my mom and grandma's dressers when I was a kid, but there's something about a pretty perfume bottle that I just find magical. Here are a few of my favorite bottles of all time:
Clockwise: Estee Lauder Beyond Paradise is whimsical and a little bit gay pride; the L'Air du Temps doves have been around for decades; YSL Babydoll is like a loose gem in a treasure chest; Chanel Chance is so simple it's gorgeous; Jean Paul Gaultier's MaDame couldn't possibly be more girly - it's pink and has boobs on it; Thierry Mugler Angel Garden of Stars scents come in a shooting star bottle, far less awkward than the original Angel's bottle; Anna Sui put her namesake scent in a bottle oozing with mysterious vintage allure; Christian Dior's classic Poison recalls Snow White's apple; What can I say -I'm a sucker for a hearts and tiaras - thank you Vera Wang Princess.

Model Lands "New Moon" Role

Former Calvin Klein model Noot Seear has been cast in the Twilight film "New Moon."

She'll be playing Heidi, one of the Italian vampires called The Volturi. Even though she is Canadian. (And yes I have read all four Twilight books and no I am not 15.)

Noots reportedly beat out AnnaLynne McCord (a.k.a. Naomi from the new 90210) for the role. To which I say: good call.


Get Beach Hair (Even When You're Landlocked)

Since it was discontinued several years ago, the faux-beachifier known as John Frieda Beach Blonde Ocean Waves has left scores of rabid fans high and dry without a replacement. The product has such a cult following that old bottles are selling on eBay at a premium. Don't believe me? Here's an OMG for you: check out the price of ONE bottle on Amazon!

I personally had never found a replacement, but didn't love it enough to pay a 2600% markup. Last month I hit the web to see what former Frieda freaks were using for a beach spray these days. These were the top contenders:

1.) Sedu Beach Beauty Sea Salt Spray ($8.95) was highly regarded by reviewers on several beauty sites as an Ocean Waves alternative, so I ordered a bottle. The coconut scent is vaguely similar, but the product left my hair feeling a tad TOO oily.

DIY Beach Spray:
- sea salt -water -dash of coconut or olive oil
- shake well and spray
I could barely tell anything was in my hair. Giving that a "Meh."

Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray ($22) basically took the cake and then baked another one. Not only is it non-drying, great smelling (although not coconutty) and contained in a portable size bottle, but it serves as a root-lifter, volumizer and texturizer all in one. One spritz and you'll be praying to the hair gods that they never discontinue this one. I love it more than I ever loved Ocean Waves. I'm actually beginning to wonder if the peeps at Bumble and Bumble are the hair gods?


Link City

I knew her vaguely when we were both at Parsons. Some things never change. Half of the uber-fierce Vena Cava design team Lisa Mayok will make you jealous (of her clothes, her apartment, her cooler-than-youness.) [Refinery 29]

The GAP (of all boring stores) is putting out a DEADLY pair of platforms for Fall. Nylon has the pics [Nylon Magazine]

Fab shopping site Shopbop just got a makeover. They have sweet sales, BTW. [Shopbop]

This is the final week of the ASOS "Up to 80% Off" Sale. Get on it - I've perused and there are some amazing items. Particularly in the belt department. [ASOS]


How to Find Vintage Costume Jewels on eBay

As I've mentioned a bazillion times, I'm a sucker for massive pieces of old costume jewelry - particularly necklaces. Not only were things made better back in the day, but who wants to be caught dead in that dime-a-dozen blue box number?

Vintage shops usually know what they've got and price it accordingly, but eBay sellers are usually either less savvy or more generous. Here are few great old brands to look out for on your treasure hunt: Trifari, Hobe, Monet, Sarah Coventry, Napier, Whiting Davis and Coro.

The two hot numbers pictured above are currently up for bid around $10 each.


Smashbox's Tudor-Inspired Fall Color Collection

Smashbox put out a fairly classic palette for Fall 2009 with foliage-esque gold, russet and pine shadows paired with complementing liners and a neutral lip and cheek. I'm loving the colors (and I'm a huge fan of their products in general - total quality) but I'm confused. The collection is said to be inspired by the English Tudors. According to what I've read, the rage quite consistently from the Crusades up through the Elizabethan era was rosy red on cheeks and lips. I can only assume they're referencing fabrics.

Nonetheless, I'm dying to get my hands on the deep green shadow! At $42 the set is a little steep. To the wishlist it goes...


JT Poses for Givenchy "Play" Ads

You'd think now that he has his own denim line that Justin Timberlake would have jumped on the celebrity fragrance bandwagon and dropped something Axe-esque on us by now. Fortunately he's been too busy begging people to let him ruin SNL sketches with masturbatory references, so we'll have to settle for his Gonzo mug on these Givenchy ads for their upcoming fragrance "Play."


Check Out the Project Runway Season 6 Cast

While I've actually enjoyed Bravo's replacement "The Fashion Show" (admittedly just as a Mizrahi fan) most of y'all have dissed it and are waiting impatiently for the 6th season of the original Project Runway.

The show is now on the Lifetime Network (a tough pill to swallow for the straight male fans out there, no? I know there are PLENTY of you...) and the premiere slated for Thursday, August 20 at 10 p.m.

The panel of judges has not changed (designer Michael Kors, editor Nina Garcia, token idiot Heidi Klum and fashion mentor Tim Gunn) but the cast of course has. Lifetime just recently posted bios and portfolios for this seasons crop of sartorial competitors on the network's new official Project Runway page.


Tomorrow: 90% Off at

Members-only designer megasale site is having a "Final Sale" boutique with a mishmash of items up to 90% off tomorrow starting at noon EST. Check out the list of designers.

If you're not a member, join today. The last "Final Sale" boutique was wiped out in a matter of seconds and the site was so jammed I couldn't even get the page to load. This time I'll be prepared and hitting refresh like a rabid bitch.

Hope Marian by Lizzie Fortunato Necklaces

Hope Marian by Lizze Fortunato Necklaces, 1 ($58), 2 ($38) and 3,4 ($58 each)

How cute are these mixed-media necklaces that NYC sister-duo Lizzie Fortunato Jewels designed for Urban Outfitters? Each piece in the line - called Hope Marian - is very limited edition and exclusive to UO. With a price range of $38-$58 they're actually affordable, and an easy way to make a basic outfit look fresh.


American Apparel Flea Market Madness

Well, Pixie insisted I come out of hiding and fulfill my American duty this weekend of braving downtown LA and attending the American Apparel Factory Flea Market. Despite my recently getting laid off and onset of an overspending compulsion, there was no way I was not attending. So I grabbed my good friend, Elisa, and off we went.

I didn't see Dov Charney but was pleased by an impostor who I unfortunately couldn't get a picture of because he kept moving from speaker-pole to speaker-pole to hump it.

One sunburn and forty bucks later, I came home with a bra-cami, two track shirts, a pair of slim denim slacks, and a t-shirt dress (which I suppose is no longer on their site.)

Elisa got the supersexy turtleneck dress, which I give her so much credit for because looking at it made me want to pass out from heat stroke and she actually had the lady-balls to try it on. Dear God, it was a hot day.

Pixie insisted I take a pic of myself with the free taco, but, I'm sorry, Pixie, the taco line was just far too long. Elisa and I hit up a Farmer Boys across the street.


GaGa in the Next Issue of V Magazine

[image via]

The V Magazine blog has a great video from Lady GaGa's photoshoot for their upcoming 60th issue, hitting the shelves on Tuesday. (The shots of the wardrobe alone are drool-worthy for the fashion fearless.)


Twiggy Sells Olay Again

Twiggys new Olay ad

Twiggy's 1980's Olay ad

Featured Find: Bumble and Bumble's "Bandball"

I buy hair elastics probably once a month, but somehow I can never find one when I need one. Are tiny elves stealing them in the night? Who knows. Regardless, Bumble and Bumble came up with a totally cute solution with their new release, the Bandball.

The bands are metal-free so they won't damage your hair, and they come in four cute summery colors (including a great neutral taupe that will work with just about any haircolor.) For $20 you score 100 chances not to lose that damn elastic.

It's limited edition, so grab yours as soon as they go on sale (I got a sneak peek, but they will be available on the Bb. site any day now) cause the winter version completely sold out.

Levis New Ad Campaign

I kind of dig it - it's so Obamafied. And it's hard to call bullshit on them because they're among the few denim brands that have kept their prices reasonably "working class" over the years. The "Go Forth" campaign will include TV spots and a new website. What do you think?

What do you think of the new Levis ads?
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Crabtree and Evelyn Goes Under

The purveyor of old lady soaps and lotions filed Chapter 11 yesterday, according to WWD. I suspect the reason is not the bad economy, but one of the following:

1.) It's a beauty business with the word "crab" in it's name
2.) Their target demographic is old ladies, and they totally die


Patricia Field Sequin Boots - Cute or Crazy?

Patricia Field sequin boots, $37.50 (50% off original price)
(code GRECHEN for extra 15% off)

Sequin boots - Fun or WTF?
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Madonna's Louis Vuitton Ads

[Photography by Steven Meisel. Source:WWD]

Sure, the campaign is a Photoshop wonder, but I love the way the bags blend into the scene and don't upstage the other elements of the composition. There's nothing worse than some actress doing an America's Next Top Model reject pose with a large purse awkwardly incubating under her ass. Plus I love Madonna's hair and makeup - she looks human and vulnerable, which is a tall order in her case.