A 2-in-1 Crime

[LEFT: Forever 21 leggings. RIGHT: Something I wore when my mom dressed me]

So... these puppies (above) popped up on Forever21.com today. A few months ago when they started selling STIRRUP leggings (which should only be worn if you are atop a horse) I held my tongue. Now they've gone too far.

The leggings trend is easy, comfortable and fairly cute (so long as your top is long enough to cover your cha-cha) but I draw the line at the built in skirt. I rocked this look in the third grade. Third grade is pretty much the cutoff point after which someone should shove a "you are too tall for this ride" sign in your face if you even go near the rack. Because, really? It just sends the message that you aren't savvy enough to match your leggings to your skirt without factory assistance, and that is just sad.

80-90% Off = My Kind of Sale

[PHOTO: Designs by Tysa]

If you're not a member on Hautelook.com (dude, no "about me" to fill out - you just get a login a.k.a. secret pass to the bargains) you might wanna shoot me an email right the f now.

Today at 8 a.m. Pacific Time (11 a.m. Eastern) they're having a 90% off sale.
Nicole Miller, James Perse, Frankie B., Rachel Pally, Mike & Chris
and B. Chyll to name a few. Tysa and Gold Sign (a denim line by Adriano Goldschmeid of AG Jeans) blowout sales are also dropping at the same time with deals around 80% off.

Hit me at HeartsLikeStars@gmail.com if you want in, I'll send you an invite. If you're lucky.


(Faux) Vintage (Faux) Jewels

Having just ripped through Season One of the Showtime series The Tudors on DVD in a matter of one day, it's to be expected that my obsession with vintage costume jewelry has kicked into overdrive. Every scene has Catherine of Aragon or Anne Boleyn flaunting some gem-heavy pendant, brooch or headpiece that would have any girl who can recall her youthful (okay, or grown-up) princess fantasies drooling in envy. Even the boys rock amazing shoulder-draped bands of jewels (see photo.)

Jonesing for a few sparkling imitations on the cheap, I hit the website of my favorite contemporary costume jewelry brand: 1928. Here are the ones I could make a royal dent in my bank account for (P.S. - Use code DELIGHT08 for 20% off):

Midnight lace necklace, $28; Cielo rojo necklace, $72; Aquamarine pendant, $16; Gold tone teardrop, $37; Amethyst brooch, $19; Drop earrings, $16; Sapphire set, $9.99.

Lash Rx: Would You Hit the Pharmacy for Better Lashes?

The FDA just recently approved a new prescription drug called Latisse that claims to help you grow sweeter eyelashes if you dab it along your lash line. (It contains the active ingredient from a glaucoma medication that has the side effect of increased eyelash growth.)

Side effects?
1.) It may permanently change the color of your irises brown.
2.) It may temporarily darken the skin of your eyelids.
3.) It can make you grow hair anywhere it touches.

Would you try it? I think I'd def recommend it to teenage dudes with scraggly mustaches.


My Blogging Soul Mate

Yes. I found her. There is finally someone out there on the fashion blogosphere that has the same opinions about Dov Charney as I do:

The Office's Mindy Kaling. Check it out.

Also, AA's new circle scarf seems that it can do just about anything. [Insert a sexual joke that Dov Charney would probably make here.]

Bye Bye Dry

A few weeks ago I got a package from fab California-based beauty retailer Planet Beauty (physical stores are only in CA, but luckily they have a neatly designed online store. Think more like Sephora, less like Sally...)
Since then, I've been enjoying super-soft hair and skin thanks to ICON shampoo and conditioner, and a rich hand and nail cream by the nail gods at O.P.I. called Avoplex.

ICON's Drench Moisture Shampoo and Free Moisture Conditioner are fresh-scented and leave hair feeling clean but not totally stripped. Since using it, I haven't been as addicted to my smoothing lotions and shine sprays, despite my higher frequency of heat styling since the cold rolled in to Boston. They're also light enough to use on a daily basis, and I've noticed no buildup or heaviness after a couple of weeks consistent use. I'd give them both an "A"!

Avoplex is rich and non-greasy with a light citrusy scent, and it does maintain hand softness longer than your typical cream (thanks in part to its avocado oil content.) Still, it couldn't switch me from the Neutrogena "Norwegian Formula" cream that - while a tad greasy due to it's petroleum content- is still my go-to for chapped hands and dry cuticles.


Cheap Booty

5 for $25 panties at Victoria's Secret switch to 7 for $24.50 until Sunday. Code: PTY7

Free Fashion Mag, Anyone?

Want a free subscription to Nylon Magazine? Get it here courtesy of Urban Outfitters.


Enough With the Opening Acts!

Okay so I was wrong. Looks like Alexander McQueen is not the next GO: International designer in their capsule collection parade. January brings us Thakoon (cutest pieces pictured above, whole shebang HERE. Pretty m'eh...) and Rogan Gregory is back AGAIN (seriously? his last collection was boooo-ring!) in April.
When is my dear, darling fashion idol bestowing his affordable wares on us?! Summer would be so wrong for him - if they don't release his this winter, then I'll happily wait for next fall for something dark, textured and moody. Dying to know what the deal is.


Cyber Monday - Sit On Your Ass and Save!

So I didn't make a post about "Black Friday" sales because I just can't advocate subjecting yourself to that much obnoxious humanity in one day under any circumstances (RIP the Wal-Mart casualty. Ugh, what an unfortunate place to die!)
However, I am ALL ABOUT cyber Monday. From the theft of company time to the ease of sitting on your ass eating a bagel whilst agreeing to purchase items you can't feel guilty about until they arrive a week later, it is my kind of event.

I'll be posting codes and sale alerts all day today as they roll into my spam folder. Here are a few of the early arrivals:

BagHaus.com - 20% off all bags and Free Shipping

Bluefly.com - 20% off cashmere
CharlotteRusse.com - 25% off the whole site
WetSeal.com - 20% off the whole site, Free Shipping over $15
XOXO.com - Code: XOXOHOLIDAY08 = 30% off all sale items
KarmaLoop.com - Code: CYBER = 25% off any item
Levis.com - 20% off tops and jackets
ChickDowntown.com - Code: CYBER for 45% off anything or 30% off sale items
TheLimited.com - 40% off coats; 30% off pants; 25% off bags and jewelry. Free Shipping, no minimum purchase.
ArdenB.com - 30% entire site
Banana Republic.com -Code: EXTRATEN = 10% off anything; Code: ONEDAY = Free shipping, no minimum purchase
PacSun.com - 10% the whole site
JCrew.com - Code: EXTRA30 = 30% off all sale items
Newport-News.com - Code: 538 = 25% off
OldNavy.com - Code: SAVENOW = 20% off anything; Code: ONEDAY = Free shipping, no minimum purchase
Overstock.com - 15% off clothing
FreePeople.com - Free shipping, no minimum purchase
American Eagle Outfitters - Free Shipping, no minimum purchase
Gap.com - Code: ONEDAY = Free shipping, no minimum purchase

VictoriasSecret.com - Code: GET20 = 20% off your entire order
Aerie.com - Free Shipping, no minimum purchase

Accessories/ Housewares
FredFlare.com - Code: MO = Free Shipping, no minimum purchase
ShanaLogic.com - 20% off select items

Piperlime.com - Code: MONDAY = 20% off everything
ChineseLaundry.com - 20% off everything
Shoebuy.com - Code: HOLIDAY = 15% off and Free Shipping
Shoes.com - Code: MONDAY = 20% off entire order
NineWest.com - 20% off one pair of shoes; 30% off 2 pairs of shoes
SteveMadden.com - Code: THANKSGIVING30 - 30% off entire site; Free Shipping, no minimum purchase
SeychellesFootwear.com - Free Shipping, no minimum purchase