Sigerson Morrison's Target Collection Must-Haves

The Sigerson Morrison mini-collection for Target hit stores this week, and already my two winning picks have been wiped out by online-shopping budget fashionistas. Both pairs have real suede uppers and are studded with silver crystals - giving them that Desperately Seeking Susan glam that 80s-born babes totally eat up.

Flats are $29.99 and booties are $39.99. If you want them, get your ass to a Target store STAT. They have colored crystal versions for sale, but they are just a shade too tacky for me.

Kate Moss Topshop Holiday '08 Picks

Kate Moss' Christmas '08 Collection hit Topshop yesterday, and according to Black Book Magazine, almost all of the pieces Kate was snapped wearing at events sold out within the first hour they were available online. Crackhead as she may be, girlfriend can sell you dress.

Still, there are plenty of good pieces left, if you're prepared to drop some (in some cases major) cash on limited edition items. Here are my picks:

Beaded cami, $250; 1920s dress, $310; Sequin dress, $260; Flying hearts dress, $100; Jersey scarf top, $36; Breton tee, $70; Wet look jean, $90; Fringe jacket, $160.

The one piece I'm bummed is sold out? The sequin cummerbund belt. Sigh...


"Stylista" Puts on a Lame Show

According to some reports, ELLE Magazine is kicking Vogue's ass in ad sales lately. But this in no way means Editor-in-Chief Anne Slowey is the new Anna Wintour. Poor Anne didn't get the memo though, and she's copping the legendary Wintour persona hardcore.

I watched the premiere of the new CW reality show "Stylista" this Wednesday, where a gaggle of obnoxious college-aged kids compete to be a junior editor at ELLE. In the process they have to impress head cunt Slowey --whose contrived attitude and cold expressions suggest she's watched The Devil Wears Prada way too many times-- with their editorial and ass-kissing skills.

Maybe it's just because the in-house drama, bitchery and elective stereotypes hit too close to my freshman housing memories of Parsons School of Design. Maybe it's because I know most print publications are teetering on the brink of a fiery demise thanks to the Internet, so who gives a rat's ass (ELLEgirl is just a website these days...) Or maybe I'm just holding producer Tyra Banks to a higher standard of talent selection (HAH.) Watching the show was more embarassing than entertaining.

Victoria Jackson Street Attack

Let me preface this by saying I don't live in an affluent neighborhood. I have a really cute place and everything, but for the most part my outlying neighbors are blue collar workers and illegal immigrants. So when I was accosted on the street this morning by two pretty, body-spray doused girls hawking pricy makeup as I passed a filthy Dunkin' Donuts and the office of one of those TV commercial lawyers they spoof on The Simpsons, I was a little suprised by their choice of hunting grounds.

"We're doing a promotion for Victoria Jackson Makeup today, did you get yours?" the fast-talking one asks me.
"Nope." (Wait isn't Victoria Jackson that lady who used to be on SNL? I thought. I Googled and apparently its another VJ. With a shabby-ass homemade website who used to sell on QVC.)
She shoves a gift bag into my hand. Free stuff? Okay.
"Shes a big hollywood makeup artist. Look at this stuff -pretty right? Well if you buy this today you can have it for 80% off and we'll give you her entire collection free."
Holy shit she didn't even stop to breathe. Wait, what? I thought this was a promotional gift bag!
"Uh, no thanks."
"Okay." Then she rips the gift bag out of my hand.

As I walked away, all I could think about was, what if I had just taken the bag and kept walking before she could continue? And has anyone ever refused to give the bag back? Whoever thought of this sales approach was just asking to get robbed or hit.
And now I'm pissed because just from touching the bag I smell like the girl's body spray.


Spend $25, Get $60 worth? Deal!

My favorite sales are the kind where you "buy one, get two free." It's a rarity to find one outside of the produce section of the grocery store, but those of you heading to the Clinique counter at Nordstrom next month will certainly find a generous deal.

If you spend $25 at a Clinique counter, you get an adorable, large silver makeup bag designed by Trina Turk and stuffed with Clinique goodies. Not the tiny little packets or tubes some places give you (*cough* Sephora...) but a full sized Long Last lipstick, a compact with blush and two eyeshadows, a jar of Repairware Lift cream, a travel-sized tube of Rinse Off Foaming Cleanser, a Lash Doubling mini-mascara, a SPF 15 mini Long Last Glosswear, and a cute little lipstick case with mirror. (All together worth $60.)

My suggestion? Go grab a couple of great Clinique mascaras as stocking stuffers for your besties, and keep the goodie bag for yourself!

Promotion runs Nov. 5 -Nov. 22.


LA Fashion Week

I feel like LA Fashion week is as fake as the tits that inhabit the city. LA Fashion week seems to happen just for the sake of having a fashion week in LA. Sure, La La Land is filled with designers, celebrities, PR firms, and bloggers with nothing better to do with their time than complain about fashion. You would think that the organizers would put a little more effort into making this an event not to be missed. This year, it seemed very phoned-in. Perhaps it’s because this may be the last Los Angeles Fashion Week…?

I suppose some of LA’s hotspot locations were probably in use for the third premier party of Beverley Hills Chihuahua. Fashion Week took place in Culver City. Now, I like Culver City. I think it has some interesting things to do and see, but, right now, with construction off the 405, it is not the most attractive part of LA. (Technically, it’s not even in LA.) Furthermore, Fashion Week took place at Smashbox Studios located in an industrial park. After a show (if you’re one of the many people who’s name got misplaced on the list to go backstage), you’re left dawdling around for forty-five minutes in a warehouse with nothing to do but sip vodka Red Bulls to pass the time. I would’ve loved to hit up a Starbucks or walk around a busy sidewalk because, frankly, I did look fantastic. (Here’s a link to the BeBe dress I wore.)

Additionally, when Lauren Conrad’s bitter classmates volunteer their time to check in guests, it does not make for a happy crowd. With vacant expressions and ill-desire to check the guest list passed the letter “A”, of course, they informed me my name wasn’t on the list. After I used the word “miscommunication”, their befuddled look made it seem I was somewhat intelligent and important and they gave me a standing-ticket to the Samora show.

Her Paris-inspired Spring ’09 designs were such a refreshing site after the stress of actually arriving. Filled with ruffles, pleats, and chiffon, it made me realize that hot pink and lime green can look good together and not be only reminiscent of cheap Easter baskets people buy at CVS. What whetted my appetite were her black and white designs that had that French flair, but, also, vaguely resembled the fashion on Mad Men. Here’s a pic of my fave:


Get Your Bake On

I know it's not even Halloween yet, but baking season is upon us. My favorite time of year has finally arrived! Baking can be so much fun but it can also be a big mess. There's no reason that we should have to change into old clothes that we wouldn't be caught dead wearing in public just to bake our hearts out. Every fashionista should have her own stylish apron to protect any outfit from a messy kitchen.

Here are some of my favorite aprons that will keep you cute in the kitchen this holiday season:

Sweetheart Hot Pink Apron, Carolyn's Kitchen - $42
Marilyn Apron/Bandeau Red & Black, Carolyn's Kitchen - $29.95/$18
Dorothy Apron/Garter, Carolyn's Kitchen - $39.95/$12

Lucky Ladybugs Apron, Anthropologie - $38
Parisian Cafe Apron, Anthropologie - $32
Bib Ava Leopard Apron, Jessie Steel - $32.95

Bib Audrey Cupcakes Apron, Jessie Steel - $32.95
Fancy Party Pink, Jillie Willie - $25.50
Suzie Homemaker, Jillie Willie - $33.50


Sale Alert!

20% off at - coupon code: privatesale20
Good until Sunday!


One Fabulous Secret

Just as the dry autumn air rolled in to Boston, I received a sample of a super-rich body treatment called Malibu Secret.

Perfect timing! My elbows and knees (and legs and arms and...) always get so dry this time of year, especially after a hot shower. Following the lead of Los Angeles' poshest beach babes (Lauren Conrad, Lindsay Lohan, Pamela Anderson to name a few fans of the stuff) I slathered the smooth cream on my thirstiest skin and let it soak in. The result was a long-lasting (all the way to my next shower) baby-soft skin with a super-feminine floral scent that lingered several hours.

For a specialty product used by celebs, Malibu Secret is reasonably priced at $25 for 7.25 ounces. As women of a certain age tend to say, prevention is easier than correction. Keep your skin hydrated while you're young and it'll stay looking youthful. And even if you missed the boat on that tactic, it's never too late to start. This is a product that will benefit women both young and uh... experienced. It contains a mix of natural butters and extracts as well as a few "scientific miracle" ingredients that help increase collagen and cell proliferation.

Want some? Get it at Rejuvenation Gifts!


More Fashion Reality TV Coming Soon

Project Runway is not quite in the clear for it's jump to Lifetime, and the made-for-TV-movie, Meredith-Baxter-ridden network is beefing up its roster of fashion-related reality shows.

'Blush: The Search for the Next Great Make-Up Artist' starts November 11 at 10 p.m.

Ex-General Hospital slut Vanessa Marcil will host the show, which will judged Nina Garcia-ly by In Style Magazine's Hal Rubenstein and Tim Gunn-ishly mentored by makeup artist Charlie Green.

The prize? $100,000 and a contract with Max Factor.

I guess this is proof that Max Factor is aware of it's desperate need for re-branding. I don't know anyone who uses their products, and I know plenty of makeup addicts. They need a lot of work still, despite recently signing Gisele Bundchen as their newspokes-skeleton.
(Let me just note that Carmen Electra's shiteous makeup in their most recent ads was not working in their favor. )

Icon Style Steal: Peg Bundy

If ever a television mom had standout style, it was the fierce redheaded housewife Katey Sagal played on sleazy 80's-90's sitcom Married With Children. Today you'll see her influence all over the mall (though no one will admit it), where animal prints, spandex leggings and cinch belts adorn scores of mannequins. Here are a few key pieces to help you get your Peg on:

Leopard leggings, Forever 21 - $12.80
Shiny leggings, - $20.50
American Apparel leggings, eBay seller kgs4 - $10.89 (Lots of AA clothes, CHEAP!)

Belt, Forever 21 - $11.80
Belt, Urban Outfitters - $28

Jacket with belt, Wet Seal - $24.50
Frederick's of Hollywood extreme cleavage bra, $28
Top, Forever 21 - $10.50

M.A.C. lipstick in New York Apple - $14
Transparent bangle, - $7.99


Insanely Cheap Designer Shoes on Amazon

Thanks to Liz for pointing this section out! I scoured the "70% off or more" virtual bargain-bin on and came up with the following cuteness:

Betsey Johnson Clovis pump
Size 9 only is $35.99 (80% off!)
Vidonia flat
$26.99 in the following colors and sizes (70% off!)
6, 7.5 and 8
Yellow: 6, 7, 7.5 and 8.5
White: 7
Betseyville Valyn pump
Black $29.99 all sizes but 5 and 9 (70% off!)
Blue 5.5
Red all sizes but 6.5 and 8

Shelley's London Galaxy pump
Black is $16.49 (70% off!)
Shelley's London Checkmate flat
Orange, Pink and Green are $9.89

Diesel Melody flat
Pink and White are $23.99 (70% off!)

Seychelles Every Second Counts flat
Size 7 only in black is $20.99 (70% off!)
Seychelles Lip Gloss wedge
Green, Yellow and Black are $23.99 (70% off!)

Irregular Choice Aemilia flat
Green and Black are $35.99 (70% off!)
Irregular Choice
Aege0n flat
Black is $32.99 (69% off!)

BCBGirls Cally wedge
Pink is $23.69 (70% off!)

Naughty Monkey Lip Service pump
Red, Yellow and Blue are $17.99 (70% off!)

Steve Madden Tetra pump
Taupe is $13.99, all sizes but 6.5 and 7 (70% off!)
Steven Vykie pump
Black is $26.99, size 7 only (70% off!)

Ralph Lauren Amaya pump
Red, Yellow, Navy and Black are $29.39

Sugar Woodstock boot
Pink and Blue are $20.99 (70% off!)
Chooka Tiny Bunny rainboot
Sizes 7,8,9 and 10 are $17.99 (70% off!)
Dollhouse Loomy boot
Purple 7.5 and Black 8.5 are $29.69 (70% off!)