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Urban Decay cosmetics are reasonably priced, cruelty-free and come in a rainbow of bold colors - what more could you ask for? A discount. Get 30% off your order through Friday (November 20th) using code "FNFW1"

Not sure what to get? Their shimmery pale gold Shadow Primer Potion ($17) is the bomb because it both locks down your eyeshadow for hours AND looks sweet on its own as an eye shimmer cream. I can't live without their Liquid Liner in "Perversion" ($18) and 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil ($17) is also a great product.

Also, check out their 2009 Holiday "Looks" for ideas:


Top Model Contestant on VH1's Celebrity Rehab 3

Could you guess? You may remember her from season 5 peeing in an adult diaper and basically being one of the most entertaining (and legitimately talented) models ever on the show. Lisa D'Amato! Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew 3 airs January 10, 2010 on VH1.

Lisa claims on her MySpace page that she "went on the show for self betterment & to learn more about drugs and alcohol. I was NOT detoxing, and did NOT have an addiction." Er- what? Girlfriend has been modeling since age 12, dated Robbie Williams and parties in Hollywood with Cisco Adler. If she hasn't had her face in a huge pile of blow in the last 2 years I'm a fucking astronaut with two dicks. Love her, but seriously.


Ricky's NYC is Online

How did I miss this?! When I lived in NYC's West Village, trannylicious beauty supply store Ricky's was a weekly stop-off for me. They have everything you could possibly need to complete your look, from velcro rollers to glitter to the kind of clip on ponytail that scares you every time you open the bathroom closet. It's enough to give any product junkie a beauty boner (speaking of which - they also sell sex toys.) Not only is it piled high and deep with goodies, but the vibe inside is fun even if the staff is a smidge fresh - it's like a Sephora on rave drugs.

For years I've checked to see when they'd finally get on the whole e-commerce bandwagon because I love the loose shimmer powders they carry by a brand called Matisse, and to my amazement yesterdays Google of "Ricky's NYC" was a fruitful one!

What's better? Currently they have a sale for 20% off a vast array of items with code ANNUAL20 - including Matesse cosmetics. It ends November 30, so get on that shit before your local Beyonce impersonator wipes it out. If you live in NYC, Long Island or Miami, go explore your local Ricky's in person.


Vampy Lips Go Violet

As with so many things, the key to purple lipstick glory is proper context. Pair it with heavy eyeliner and fishnets and you may as well park yourself in the food court with an ironic lunchbox full of rejected Smiths lyrics. Pair it with a bare face, a tailored ensemble and a dash of Tammy Faye mascara and you're fashion.

Since it's a trend (yes the vampy lip gets a re-up every year, but far more frequently in red), I'd recommend a cheap tube for your test run. For a matte version, check out MAC "Night Violet" ($14.50), for a laquered look try the latest shade from Revlon "Va Va Violet" ($5), pictured right.

The Look:
- Apply liquid foundation to even out skin tone and skip the blush
- Dab highlighter on eyelids concentrating at the inner corners and blend outward
- Carefully line lower water line (above lashes) with white eye pencil
- Add several coats of mascara to top and bottom lashes, sweeping alternately inward (towards the nose) and outward to create irregular "points" or clumps
- Fill brows with a neutral pencil (as I have mentioned, I live for MAC Lingering)
- Line lips with a dark berry lip pencil (like Revlon Colorstay in Plum) and fill in with lipstick

Warning: Violet doesn't do your teeth any favors - catch up on your Whitestrip applications before you go making this your shade of choice. Also- be prepared for dudes and townies not to "get it." This look might be a bit much for their untrained eyes to handle.