Vogue Curvy

Vogue Italia has launched a new site: Vogue Curvy. As a curvy girl I was psyched to see a company like Vogue embracing curvy women in fashion. The more curvy women I see presented in popular fashion outlets, the more comfortable I am with my curves. I appreciate being able to see looks that work well with big hips and boobs.

I think a lot of people associate curves with plus size, but Vogue Curvy doesn't seem to be doing that exclusively and I think that's awesome. You don't have to be a plus size girl to rock some serious curves! They have a variety of curvy ladies featured on their site including women like Liv Tyler, Johanna Dray, America Ferrera, Crystal Renn, and Christina Hendricks.

Along with Vogue Curvy, Vogue Italia also launched Vogue Black and Vogue Talents. Vogue Black provides insights on the beauty of color and Vogue Talents takes a look at up and coming designers and encourages users to submit their work.

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